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It is natural for us to want to know which the best performing mutual funds today when we shop for them.

You should keep in mind that when looking for the best mutual funds, you’re shopping for tomorrow. A top performer in the short term may not become a long-term winner. The best mutual funds for your portfolio will probably not be the best for your parents, your siblings, or your neighbors.
Using data from Morningstar (a NerdWallet advertising partner), we evaluated major U.S. equity funds open to new investors with low costs (no sales commissions, and expense ratios of 1% or less) and minimum investment requirements of $2,500 or less.

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FundSymbol3-year returnExpense ratio
Fidelity Advisor Series Growth Opportunities FundFAOFX35.02%0.01%
Fidelity Advisor Growth Opps ZFZAHX34.67%0.69%
Fidelity Advisor Growth Opps IFAGCX34.51%0.81%
Fidelity Series Growth CompanyFCGSX31.19%0.00%
Fidelity Series Blue Chip GrowthFSBDX30.45%0.00%
American Century Focused Dynamic Gr InvACFOX30.08%0.85%
Fidelity Growth Company KFGCKX29.95%0.75%
Fidelity Growth CompanyFDGRX29.84%0.83%
Touchstone Sands Capital Select Growth YCFSIX29.71%0.94%
Fidelity Blue Chip Growth KFBGKX29.24%0.71%
Fidelity Blue Chip GrowthFBGRX29.13%0.79%
T. Rowe Price New HorizonsPRNHX28.71%0.75%
Columbia Small Cap Growth Inst2CSCRX28.50%0.94%
Lord Abbett Growth Leaders R6LGLVX27.93%0.59%
Lord Abbett Growth Leaders FLGLFX27.85%0.65%