Amazement while preparing for papers :)


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Amazement while preparing for papers :)

Before 2 days! I was hand to hand with preparation of one of my all times favourite subjects' sub-branch "Popular Fiction". In this, we study most Popular works that had been crafted in English history, mostly by Britishers, but includes Americans too. I got something knowledgeable information that our final term book "And Then There Were None" is an influenced work from a rhyme/poem "Ten Little Soldier Boys" by Frank Green.

In the Poem, every rhyme contains a death of a soldier, with this chronological order, the book is written by Agatha Christie. The book was Mysterious and a crime fiction! Central Character "Justice Lawrence Wargrave" plays a vital role as an hero, because he kills a total number of 11 people! Haha you might wonder how could he, a killer, remains a hero at the end? Wargrave planned a killing strategy of those characters who were proven guilty falsely by the law, as a result, he as an harsh and honest, though retired judge, wanted to do justice!

Wargrave's mysterious and sadistic character makes the book completely interesting. No one knows that Wargrave is the killer because he plans himself a dramatic scene to be considered dead on 6th position of the chronological sequence to the rhyme! The epilogue (a note of main character at the end of the book by author) reveals why he, Justice Wargrave, did this all!

I loved the subject and the books in it! Harry Potter was the most Interesting one too :) throughout the semester, we have been familiar with 6-9 books that hold significance in literary world!