Airs of Freedom


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I was reading a story called 'The Young King' when a sentence resonated deeply within me. I felt the need to close the book and just write, nothing more. I quote a part of it:

'We carry chains that no one wants to see, and we are truly slaves even though men call us free.'

Oscar Wilde was truly remarkable! What a sublime way to describe in a few words the feelings of so many. An incredibly truthful statement that serves as the foundation and even a pillar for the ideas I humbly share below...

I believe life is most like a play in which we sometimes play roles that seem to embody ideas of freedom. However, behind the scenes, we face a more complex reality. Our choices, seemingly free, are often influenced by the weight of expectations placed upon us.

True freedom lies in the ability to recognize and challenge the invisible veils that condition it. It is what allows us to explore new horizons of possibilities in search of self-determination.

The struggle for true freedom, as the great Oscar Wilde suggested, begins with being aware of the existence of these hidden veils. By looking beyond them, we find the magic, the essence of our humanity, and the beauty of being masters of our own destiny.

With this, I conclude, not without leaving at the bottom of the page another quote from an author I can't recall, but I believe serves as a conclusion to everything mentioned above:

'Life without freedom is not worth living.'
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You posted this in Spanish language I guess :) I could read it through translating it in English :)
We are blessed with a good system :) there occurs an option whenever we open a Spanish piece that says whether you wanna read it in English or not :)
I very much appreciate your totally constructive comments and reactions to my articles. Really thank you my friend..