1 hour love story


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1 hour love story

Shahdad, got into the bus in hurry, because he was already late. It was the bus from Shaal (A city in Balochistan) to Turbat (Another city in Balochistan). Shahdad headed towards his own land after 4 years of study in Shaal. His entrance got him shocked, those eyes of the girl were glooming and the lips murmuring to another girl sitting aside. She was cute enough or even more cuter than anyone else Shahdad met. There is a tradition in Balochistan. Each girl gets too much respects, to maintain it, boys prepare not that western proposing culture. It happens that love marriage is usual like other nations and cultures, but whenever both the girl and boy keeps a chaste relationship and do engagement early. Shahdad, keeping his culture, settled on the seat in the side row, fortunately, both were side to side. In this one hour journey, eyes of both clashed without speaking a single word! The fire of love was lightening from both sides, but the situation, like the Crowd and respectful culture led both to express loving feelings in silence. The hour finished, both departed and that was the end of their, might be, true love story!