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I'm finally done with my entry for the contest, I had a lot of fun doing it! :)

Here it is:

My username is: vid4bit

I really hope you enjoy it :D

Thanks for this contest! 😄

Weekly Fourm Challenge Completing Video Promo for Windice
5th Video for windice
username : Kaleemmalik071
Thanks for increasing the time. I will post a video soon. Though not so good but hope all will like it.
Do I still have time? Can I post a video within 2 hours? I just have not completed it yet :)
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Due to the fact that there was a shortage of works, we extend the competition for another week

Dear players.

Today, we are glad to announce the launch of our first video contest.
Winners will be chosen by Windice stuff.We will evalute many factors such as: creativity, quality of the content, how much exposure your video will get etc.
The contest will run for 2 weeks , from 05.05.2019 to 19.05.2019
The minimum number of participants is 15.A player can have more than one entry, multiple entries increase your chances to get a prize (but try to focus on quality rather than quantity)

Prizes :

1. place 0.05000000
2. place 0.02500000
3. place 0.01000000
4-5 places 0.00500000


*no explicit or hateful material
*video must be no shorter than 60 seconds
*video must be published on Youtube (no private videos , please)
* must be in the title and in the video's description along with some of the keywords such as "bitcoin, doge, ethereum, litecoin, cryptocurrency ,casino, gambling, dice, crypto"

What would we like to see in the video:

*video must be about, *using your affiliate link is encouraged
*video of how you gamble or how to bet and play at
*a review of
*promoting in a positive way, use your creativity

How to enter:

Post the link to your video(s) along with your username

Good Luck dear players ! With ❤ your WinDice​

Hope now late :
User id : bitman007
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