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    India vs Pakistan - T20 Cricket World Cup Match

    Match is equally poised for now. Pakistan bowled well and managed to restrict India to just 151/7 in 20 overs. Pakistan is now 46/0 in 7 overs. India require quick wickets now if they want to be in hunt as Pakistan have started well.
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    India vs Pakistan - T20 Cricket World Cup Match

    The most sought cricket match in world is between India vs Pakistan. 2 of the best teams collide in league match today and Pakistan wining the toss rightly opting for bowling. Have picked up 3 quick wickets of India for just 31 runs in 6 overs. The match will get exciting as the over progresses...
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    T20 Cricket World Cup

    Yesterday there was another match between OZ vs SA. Match went till last over in second innings and OZ manage to clinch it by 5 wickets and were successful in chasing 119 runs.
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    T20 Cricket World Cup

    Most excited cricket fever is back with T20 and this time its a world cup, so excitement level is on cloud nine. World Cup league matches started today and first match was between England vs West Indies. It was a one sided where WI was all out at 55 batting first and England comfortably won...
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    Interesting Facts

    Fat burning foods: grapefruit, watermelon, berries, hot peppers, celery, greek yogurt, eggs, fish, green tea, coffee, water, oatmeal. The chills you sometimes get when listening to music is actually caused by the release of dopamine in your body. The human mind spends most of it's time...
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    Windice Faucet - Creative Design

    We all have being using Faucet here on daily basis. So while trying our luck to get maximum diamonds before we run out of luck, how do you click it. Do you randomly click on any boxes or being little creative and enjoy the design as well in process till we can hit the right diamonds. I do try...
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    Bitcoin closer to 50000$

    Resistance at 50k was huge and took real time to surpass it above and now in range of 60-65k. It has fallen after reaching the ATH and could not resist there but now momentum in market is back before year end and expecting it above 70k on closing basis.
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    Interesting Facts

    Studies show that by eating a big breakfast, you won’t feel as hungry the rest of the day, which can lead to more nutritional food choices. Smiling, even in a bad mood, can immediately improve your mood because these muscles are enough to trigger happy chemicals in the brain. More than 1,000...
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    Funny Username @ Windice

    ineedhelphahaha - Name itself is passive begging but in the end with haha just make us smile :D
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    NFT based casino Windice Style

    Let the further discussion happen at below thread so we can avoid multiple threads with same content.
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    2021 Resolution Status

    Year end getting closer so how many of you are able to continue with 2021 resolutions or infact out of your list how much still continuing with it and how much resolutions broken.
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    Interesting Facts

    Lamborghini cars were invented when the Lamborghini tractor company was insulted by the creator of Ferrari. Cuddling with loved ones releases oxytocin, a hormone which reduces stress and prevents nausea and headaches. China has 350 million smokers - meaning the Chinese smoking population is...
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    Meditation - A stress reliever

    We all in life have some or other stress due to various reasons. What are the different ways in you try to cope up with your stress. For me meditation plays a vital role and consider it as a boon. Meditation helps not only to reduce the areas of anxiety, chronic pain, depression, heart disease...
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    Interesting Facts

    The longest English word without a true vowel is "rhythm." Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar made so much money, he spent over $2,500 every month just on rubber bands to bundle up his stacks of cash. 1.3 million Earths could fit into the sun. Billions of years from now, Earth will have a...
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    Are you Superstitious ?

    Hello, share your thoughts about the topic.
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    Windice Moderators List

    Making an edit to original post as Chicaoo1979 is not a mod anymore here.
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    How to Motivate Yourself

    Each of us would have gone through some tough times in our life as not everyone has a silver spoon when they are born. It could be with your career, personal, professional, business, studies etc. What is that kept you going and how did you overcome it. If you can share some of your experiences...
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    Interesting Facts

    If you drank 42 cups of coffee in one sitting, the caffeine overdose would kill you. Deja Reve - Experiencing something in reality that you've dreamed about in the past. A phenomenon similar to Deja Vu. The "sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick" is said to be the toughest tongue twister in...