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  1. Petikemas

    The Addition Of New Coins ( BCH ETC XLM XRP)

    Greetings all, the longer windice members more and more and the game starts to vary with the existence of an accident game but in my personal opinion there are other things that also need to be added, namely other types of coins .. for example XRP, BCH, ETC, XLM and others maybe it can't be done...
  2. Petikemas

    How to Earn from Affiliate

    Hi all until now I still don't know the real rules for getting bonus commissions from affiliates, because I have 5 affiliate partners but there is no bonus at all even though they already play here with a high level of wager.. maybe someone can explain it easier thanksss
  3. Petikemas


    in the future I hope there is feature current stats and overall here to check the number of rolls in one session .. thanks :)
  4. Petikemas

    Indonesian Room

    Dear Admin.. I hope that in the future there will be its own room for members from Indonesia because many of the Indonesian members are having difficulty discussing fellow Indonesian members if they are in the English room ... thank you