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    Macro Trend Unaffected by Chinese Investors’ $50B Tether Exodus

    MARKET NEWS Bitcoin’s macro bullish trend remains intact even after data show Chinese investors moved $50 billion in crypto to overseas addresses in the past 12 months. New data from Chainalysis shows Chinese investors reportedly used Tether (USDT) to move nearly $50 billion overseas. This has...
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    May Have Enabled Dark Web Bitcoin Theft

    PLAY AUDIO According to recently published research, an attacker has found vulnerabilities in the Tor browser network that might have allowed them to steal Bitcoin (BTC) from users. Tor was developed by the U.S. government for anonymous internet communication and has since been adopted by...
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    Ang Wikileaks ay Nagtitipon ng $ 37M sa BTC Mula noong 2010 - Higit sa $ 400K Ipinadala Pagkatapos Pag-aresto ni Julian Assange Nabigla ang mundo nang ang Wikileaks cofounder na si Julian Assange ay naaresto noong Abril matapos na makulong sa Ecuadorian Embassy sa London mula noong 2012...
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    Vote Until August End

    What dicers, crypto lovers and community think? 🤔🤔
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    ⭐Windice Payout Compilation⭐

    This tread is a little review for the new user want to play inside of this gambling platform. Also a wide and quick review by using google search engine. Mandatory : Fellow dicer, if you have time just share your payout SS. 😁😁😁 (thesmallone!!!
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    📰Cryptocurrency Statistics📰

    It is in the news almost every day and a big talk seems to be everywhere we land. But how big is Cryptocurrency? And how many consumers really understand what it is? In this article we will look at some important statistics on Cryptocurrency to find out. Do Most People Know What Cryptocurrency...
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    Vote for the month of August
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    Bitcoin Could Decline Further, Altcoins Won't Go Down Quietly

    After consolidating losses and a short term upside correction, bitcoin price resumed its decline below the USD 8,300 level. BTC/USD even broke the USD 8,000 support area and traded to a new monthly low near USD 7,750. The price is currently correcting losses (08:00 UTC), but upsides are likely...
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    Bitcoin and Altcoins Showing Signs of Reversal

    Recently, there was a sharp decline in bitcoin price below the USD 10,000 support. BTC/USD even spiked below the USD 9,850 support area, but the USD 9,650 area acted as a strong support. As a result, there was a strong bounce above the USD 10,000 and USD 10,200 resistance levels, signaling signs...
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    Bitcoin continues its path on the neutral side as Bulls and Bears reach an impasse

    Bitcoin’s price was under significant volatility at the moment. At press time, Bitcoin was priced at $10,704.01 and the largest virtual asset indicated a growth of 5.24 percent over the last 24-hours. The market cap volume remained under the $200 billion dollar mark in the charts, recording...
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    Bitcoin prices float back into a larger bearish pattern, while indicating a bullish bias in the shorter term

    Bitcoin shows a bullish pattern formation, indicating a probable breakout to the upside in a shorter time frame. The price of Bitcoin, at press time, was $10,571, and it has been consolidating at this level since the start of September. Bitcoin’s bull run seems to have become constricted after...
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    Moment of Truth

    Share positivity how much you earn and how much you lose in windice. ;) ;) :devilish: :devilish: be true
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    Tula ng Pagsusugal

    Madilim na, Malalim na ang gabi. Wala pang sinaing ‘Pagkat walang maisaing. Nasaan na kaya si inay? Nasaan si itay? Buti pa ang mga kapitbahay, Kumain na. Samantala, Ang dalawang nakababata kong kapatid Ay kumakalam ang sikmura, Ang tanong nila sa akin, “Kuya, kelan uuwi si nanay?” “Kuya...
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    Windice Bot

    Functional windice bot for WINDICE * Easy to use *Friendly user interface *Chat,Manual betting,Auto betting, Script, Bot How to use *Log in your API token/key *Google Authenticator optional *Then start the bot control as you can :D DOWNLOAD
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    Pinoy All in Users

    Sa mga ka tropa ko dyan na mahilig mag all in at walang hanggang malas na pagkatalo, kapag natalo comment lng kau sa baba kung ano naranasan nyo at ipahiwatig ang ang ganda ng buhay ng nanalo at natalo ;) ;) ;) ;) . Walang hanggang happines dito sa windice goodluck windicers , matalo o manalo...
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    Low Profit Rolling

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    Withdrawal Proof

    For all users done withdrawal in rain balance comment your image link to support users felling . And to support them to continue using WINDICE THANKS