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  1. San4osss

    Bitcoin Pizza Day

    Every year on May 22, the cryptocurrency community celebrates Bitcoin Pizza Day. The reason for the holiday was a landmark event for the industry, when in 2010 programmer László Heinitz purchased two pizzas for 10,000 BTC. At the time of writing, they cost $360 million. In 2021, the community...
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    Systemic approach to dice

    Hello everyone. What is a systems approach? This is when you play according to one algorithm of actions for a long time, without significant deviations from tactics. Random betting of random amounts on random odds is haphazard and, as a rule, does not lead to anything good. Doubled the pot...
  3. San4osss

    Is it safe to keep money in digital dollars (USDT, BUSD)?

    Hello, everyone! Today I came across an article that "storing funds in USDT is stupid," says trader and analyst Peter Brandt, who said it on Twitter. In his opinion, keeping capital in USDT is as risky as keeping in "Nigerian keychains."
  4. San4osss

    Долгосрочные инвестиции или трейдинг?

    Привет всем 🤚 Я заметил, что большинство людей здесь хотят по быстрому заработать на торгах, как показывает статистика, большинство таких людей теряют свой капитал. Вы задумывались о том, чтобы немного изменить свою стратегию инвестирования(торговлю)?🤔 Если хотите получить деньги, то можно же...
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    Why Would you Recommend Win Dice to your Friends?

    I have learned a lot and earnings is really legit and on time. How about you guys? Would you recommend this campaign too?💰😉
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    "The ETH price could rise to $10,000💰this year"

    Hi, dear WinDice players, I have good news for you, I'll be glad to share it with you 📰 🎉 The analytical company Fundstrat forecasts a further increase in the price of ETH to $10,000 this year amid the cryptocurrency reaching another historic high above $2 800. The price of ether rose by about...
  7. San4osss

    News ( American banking giant State Steet is beginning to study cryptocurrencies )

    The second largest U.S. bank, State Steet, intends to provide banks with infrastructure for the cryptocurrency trading platform. This has led to speculation that the bank may engage in cryptocurrency trading in the coming months. State Street, which provides infrastructure for the...
  8. San4osss

    Cryptocurrency is much better than gold, oil and stocks in terms of trade

    Cryptocurrency is essentially much better than the standard assets that are traded in the traditional market and here's why: Ordinary assets have quiet growth due to public power policy, while cryptocurrencies change the price much faster; Changes in the prices of standard assets are...
  9. San4osss

    What professions will disappear in 10 years thanks to blockchain technology?

    Many people already see how people who are 45 years old can't wedge into society after losing their jobs. The employer has become much more demanding. You need to know a lot and be able to. With the advent of the blockchain era, it's not just work that will disappear from your city - most...
  10. San4osss

    How we Become a Good Crypto trader...

    In my opinion we become good crypto trader and earn more if.......we adopted these habits and followed. No.1: Always pay attention the crypto market. No.2 Never put all your eggs in one basket (Diversify).💣💸 No.3 Invest what you can lose.🙂🤗 No.4 Don't be greedy . No.5 does not invest blindly...
  11. San4osss

    Dogecoin is flying to Mars!

    Over the past 24 hours, Dogecoin has more than doubled and updated its historic high at $0.33. At 14:20 Moscow time, the digital coin is trading at $0.32. The growth for the week was 433%. Due to this, the capitalization of altcoin increased to $38.6 billion, it ranked eighth among the largest...
  12. San4osss

    Value of cryptocurrency bitcoin climbs 5% to record high of $63,000

    The value of the cryptocurrency bitcoin has surged to a record high, reaching $63,000:love: The price of bitcoin soared towards $60,000 in February amid news of high-profile purchases of the digital currency, including by the electric car company Tesla, run by the billionaire Elon Musk. Tesla...
  13. San4osss

    Who is Satoshi Nakamoto ??

    Who is the face behind the name Satoshi Nakamoto ? The name is irrilevant, but who and why does he not want to be identified ? Is there something tricky behind all this ? Could it be an extremely important and well known famous person that we all know ? Just that he is holding the fact of...
  14. San4osss

    5 types of Bitcoin explained

    Hi, WinDice players✊ You all know that Bitcoin was a starter of all cryptocurrencies. Its evolution through the years is outstanding and continues to this day. But do you know that the original Bitcoin has branched to different kinds of Bitcoin, classified as hard forks? These are similar to...
  15. San4osss

    Collect Coin in < Faucets >

    Collection of currency from the faucets tiring and a waste of time loss of time more than profit now with this wonderful forum there is an opportunity for everyone to improve the situation without the need for fatigue and waiting for the minimum to withdraw, and a very good faucet (wincoin) I've...
  16. San4osss

    How much you'll have till 2030?

    Guys we have to know that's we must creates our own future at the presents time like that. So I want to know till 2030 how much you'll be having in your wallet? For me till 2030 I'll be owned more than 1 btc + 10 ethereum to my wallets so what's your future🥳
  17. San4osss

    I wrote so many topics on the forum that my computer broke down))

    My computer broke down, my power supply died)) but it's okay, now I'll pick up my computer from repair and continue to please you with friends with posts on the forum, everyone was deleted in the game, and that the computer wouldn't break;)
  18. San4osss

    Protecting your crypto!

    What are you doing to protect your crypto? There is big danger that someone will take your crypto assets from you, so we must be careful in protecting them. Here are some of the rules that help us protect them: 1. If you hodl crypto then use hardware wallet or cold wallet - copy the seed and...
  19. San4osss

    How much percent Airdrops are real?

    So many peoples join the airdrops on daily basis how much airdrops are real and give us good profit. Crypto is a big business in the world and every day we saw new coins and ico and airdrops.
  20. San4osss

    memes WinDice

    Hello everyone, let's create an actual topic on the forum, create memes, or tell funny situations:love: Today I thought for a minute that a millionaire :ROFLMAO:🤑