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  1. Babybagsik


    You think there is a safe strategy or best strategy to win in this of kind site? Or just its only our luck? What do ou think?
  2. Babybagsik

    How windice change your life? :)

    When you join Windice, what is the effect of it into your life? Has something changed?
  3. Babybagsik

    Life of being gambler..

    Sometimes we win, sometimes we loss. That's a life of being gambler right? Sad I also busted my coins here. Any advice to how to win here?
  4. Babybagsik


    You think there's a safe strat with playing dice in Windice?
  5. Babybagsik

    Hows windice with you.?

    Are you having fun with windice? :)