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  1. Alife4we

    Closed [0.02 BTC] Weekly challenge: Speed Racer!

    #ldo5b3varaeo 20x #q1ncqe5okb25 200x #hdws0mdak9wm 2000x
  2. Alife4we

    How I wasn't Hacked

    I use the two factor setting on many sites. and until today, i learned how Windice has an extra security step to ensure that it is in fact you logging into your account. I use the brave browser. Usually, i can just open my browser and i'll be logged into my account. I do this because i know...
  3. Alife4we

    Closed Let's Strike!

    #tafo28c51lca #n56zh95sbo7p #vo1kdpno7ocg
  4. Alife4we

    Closed Pizza Crash!

    #6380hwla12rs #c8x07yoo5apd
  5. Alife4we

    Closed [0.01 BTC] Weekly challenge: Catch an owl!

    Bet ID #2bolwqu5kuc9
  6. Alife4we

    From WIndice? Or your personal wallet?

    From WIndice? Or your personal wallet?
  7. Alife4we


    #8b4rczjenfgn - 2043 - 2+0+4+3 = 9 #nexzpbr39rnm - 7509 - 7+5+0+9 = 21
  8. Alife4we

    Closed [0.02 BTC] Weekly challenge: Four horsemen!

    #iezqppp8upiv - 44x - 4741 #hcjb714ycqj4 - 33x - 3900 #49vw8e46h1tw - 22x - 2910 #s1h05lfnysnh - 11x - 1004
  9. Alife4we

    First Big hit at Windice

    #kmjo7g4byy1l Wasn't really expecting it but Something told me to Bet on one of the upside down mirror pairs of the weekly challenge. im glad i picked the right one :)
  10. Alife4we

    RED TEAM [Week 1]

    Blue and yellow make me feel green🤮🤢
  11. Alife4we

    RED TEAM [Week 1]

    RED RED RED RED RED..... Until I'm Blind or Dead 💯🏮
  12. Alife4we

    RED TEAM [Week 1]

    Is it too late to join teams? If not i choose Red team :)
  13. Alife4we

    Closed Card Giveaway [Daily]

    Jack of clubs
  14. Alife4we

    Need Add More coins

    XLM is Stellar lol
  15. Alife4we

    Windice:Customized bet range brings twist to a boring dice game.

    Totally makes it a better game. I agree, So boring, the other sites with just highs and lows. being able to choose where you get a higher payout is also a whole new level of fairness. Its totally in the players hand here! Love it love it :love:
  16. Alife4we

    More options for bet range numbers needed (manual mode)

    I hope for this to be added soon too.:D It would end any of my frustrations in picking the exact numbers that i want to place my bets between. Great way of explaining it.
  17. Alife4we

    Need Add More coins

    Stellar would be awesome to have here. count XLM as my vote!
  18. Alife4we

    New Telegram channel WINDICE

    Sexy Bitches! :ROFLMAO: Just joined. You wanna tele tele? you better work Bitch > Bring it on, ring the alarm Don't stop now, Just be the champion ;):love::LOL::ROFLMAO::giggle::whistle: