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  1. Dracos

    Награда за активность

    Тут вроде бы раньше была система поощрения самых активных людей, раз в сутки, но я не понял где посмотреть это.
  2. Dracos

    Why are there so few topics on the forum?

    This category "General" is the only one in which you can write off-topic gambling, why so? There are sociable people who just want to share their opinions, but maybe they don’t, because of the lack of a clear division between topics, don't you think so? I had this idea because of the daily...
  3. Dracos

    Where were you, inside your country?

    There are many questions on the forum "Where have you been" But there is not one post with a question: What is your favorite place in your country? Hence the question: Where have you been, and consider the place very beautiful, cool, where would you advise people to go, or special places with...