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  1. coldmax

    Please reduce the minimum amount for exchange

    The minimum amount of withdrawal is evidenced somewhat increased, it is noticeable but this has nothing to do with the faucet, it is a separate issue in which case if they do not want to abuse they should set limits for example.
  2. coldmax

    What's your biggest casino win?)

    that good, my big bet won was here in windice 500 xrp, it hurts that I don't have a souvenir image.
  3. coldmax

    New WinDice - Sistema VIP

    hola parece buenos cambios
  4. coldmax

    New Ripple (XRP) Closes Prior Hour Up 0.3%; 2 Day Up Streak Broken, in a Downtrend Over Past 90 Days

    I think that ripple lacks more support and do not abuse it like it did days ago, because it will take time to see it at $ 1 if it does well for the legal parts.
  5. coldmax


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  6. coldmax

    Best Things You Know in Windice?

    The truth is that there is still nothing to stop me from playing in Windice, it has become my favorite place, it is a good casino. In the future, I would like to be able to make plays with large multipliers without the need to make a deposit, but I think that we must also consider casino...
  7. coldmax

    Closed [0.02BTC] Weekly Challenge: International Jugglers Day

    500x #66y5rddas09x 1000x #fdelnskffaq5 1500x #xsp9sjtwbdrr 2500x #auhxa8jpt6it
  8. coldmax

    Tutorial how to win 100% windice just one minuts

    Good tutorial and also good plays i congratulate you.
  9. coldmax

    How do you first discovered Windice

    A friend invited me, he recommended it to me, I liked it a lot and now it is my favorite place. Cheers.
  10. coldmax

    Wouldn't it be nice

    Hello very good words, I very much agree with your idea of thinking and transmitting that message of reflection for users of the community of windice who have problems with the rules. Thanks for this contribution and greetings.
  11. coldmax

    Closed [0.02BTC ranked] Happy Easter

    #6a9gvojxh62o 1100x dice #fyyesdwt9zty 1100x crash
  12. coldmax

    Pandemia mortal: enfermedad por coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19)

    muchas gracias eve2807 por esta información, es vital todas estas precauciones, espero que todos usted chicos se cuiden y a sus familiares todos en casa. Un saludo a todos.
  13. coldmax

    Share strategies to win

    A sure strategy does not exist, but you can look for the possibility of winning, I do is burn some bets with minimal balance looking for the red and then I try the winner. on the other hand also the change of seed helps in the plays. Greetings to all.
  14. coldmax

    New How to Chat Constructively: STOP asking 'How Are You?'

    What a good contribution the truth did not know about this topic and at the same time it is interesting that when having conversations with people, you realize that they are short of words and the conversation does not flow very well. It is a good content thanks mod.
  15. coldmax

    Closed [0.02BTC ranked] Weekly Challenge: Walk around things day. 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️

    Good luck guys in this new challenge ... Greetings to all.
  16. coldmax

    Hola mi gente Hispana

    aqui lo puedes conseguir:
  17. coldmax

    Hola mi gente Hispana

    hola chicos suerte a todos ustedes en sus apuestas.
  18. coldmax

    Closed [0.02BTC]Weekly Challenge: Get Over It Day

    #57c7ubk2q9ad - red #7bsvods5hrmy - green #xj4mu6gxjidb - green #a9t1vjzmdmjk - red #8mpqxoj0jx2u - green #hni117484hmu - green #qb0uvf0d2909 - green #rs02z1j1djuj - green #gxsz8yu8cui7 -green