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  1. Raybrfg181

    I have a broken heart.

    I feel like a a teenager that has lost his first love. I do hope that admin and the powers that be read the following very closely. What first attracted me to windice was the interface. I was new to crypto gaming at that point. I did not have any problems depositing to enjoy the game and...
  2. Raybrfg181

    Call a duck a duck not a goat.

    As someone that enjoys a good roulette game from time to time, i was excited to see it in the list of games. As soon as i opened the page, i had a good chuckle. I am sorry to say this, windice missed the boat on naming this game. It should be called "lucky lotto" not roulette (as that is what...
  3. Raybrfg181

    Glitch in stat tracking???

    I was looking at stats, as I do often. It says I wagered 14 bch today. Well I did not. I quickly checked my bet history tomake sure no one has played my account. No bch wagers today. So here is the question I ask. If you can't track stats for just the purpose of stats, how do you track them for...
  4. Raybrfg181

    Here we go again.

    Before I begin this one let me get one thing out of the way first. I have zero interest in being a mod here or any where else for that matter! This is not an attempt in becoming one. Okay, now that is out of the way. I have noticed something that I would like to see fixed in the future. There...
  5. Raybrfg181

    the worthless wincoin.

    There has been a lot of talk in chat about the wincoin being worthless. For those of you that aren't just looking for free coins. If you are going to deposit and play your coin, those "worthless" wincoins are very valuable in the process of advancing levels. If you are not buying boosters and...
  6. Raybrfg181

    I raise my glass to you!

    I would like to take a moment here. I want to thank the mods for their hard work in keep all of kids in line (a very unforgiving task). I would also like to thank Admin (and any other dev) for the sleepless work improving the site. These new improvements are great, and I do hope it takes...
  7. Raybrfg181

    Gamblers best friend

    Although most would consider Lady Luck a gamblers best friend, there is another. The simple thing call a break. It allows on to clear the smoke from between the ears. It also lets any emotions settle, and calms the nerves. On occasion a deep breath is enough of a break, but more often than not...
  8. Raybrfg181

    Rules Rules rules.....but why?

    First before i spin off into my rambling rant, let me say: I am all for rules and order. I have been noticing a trend. Or, more like a clash in chat. One group pitted against the other in a fight to the death. Chunks of skin, blood, hair and mutecoins flying every where. It gets messy some...
  9. Raybrfg181

    Questions of chat content?

    I am not sure if this going to turn into a rant or not (excuse me if it does). There are a few things that greatly turn me off when it comes to our chat box here at windice (I am aware it happens elsewhere also). One of the ones that drives me nuts more than most that goes unchecked most...
  10. Raybrfg181

    hotkey max

    Can we please get a hotkey for max bet? I use hotkeys a lot and sucks to break my rhythm to play with my mouse :) thanks in advance