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    Glitch in stat tracking???

    Thank you for reporting it, Raybrfg181 we confirm the bug and the glitch causing it was localized and corrected the stats display is working fine now , no rakeback/cashback account stats affected team
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    wanted new games in windice
  3. Admin

    bug report in auto play while playing in mobile

    We will fix this in the next update.
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    make windice players more secure

    Hello Telegram does not have this option
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    Hot 🏆 [TvT] 🏆 Tournaments 🥇🎲

    Tournament What is it? A Team vs Team wager tournament. How to enter? The entry ticket costs 0.0001 btc. Prize pool formula: sum of all entry tickets + 10% of the house edge of all the wagered by the participants for the duration of the tournament Rules: Minimum 32 players are required to...
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    Invalid confirmation code.

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    HALP support

    Hello You have violated the rules. Your payout was confiscated because it was received with abuse of the faucet and created more than 100 accounts
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    payout problem
  10. Admin

    Payout problem
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    PAYOUT hold / pending status

    You violated rules 8.4 12.1
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    Too many requests

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    Too many requests

    Hello Maximum 10r/s
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    I need help with my payout

    Hello Please create ticket
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    Closed Complain withdraw

    Please use support tickets
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    Error in Parameters

    Which browser do you use? Do you have 2 monitors or one?
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    Closed Data error?

    Manual rain enabled
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    Closed Complain

    Please create ticket
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    Error in Parameters

    Hello Write step by step how you did it or record a video. Thank you
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    Closed I won jackpot. Please help.