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    Closed [0.02BTC] International Women's Day

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    Closed [0.005BTC] Three day Challenge: Happy Holi

    :) Happy Holi Festival #u3joo0s5g05o
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    Closed [Vote] Miss Windice!

    @hanvee @wcmawi
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    Closed [0.02BTC ranked] Weekly Challenge: World Popcorn Day

    0.2x ---> #bgb2cujregwe 2x ---> #j98f92qefw3p 4x ---> #2fdjd89i4i9g 9x ---> #v7vjq29mfxd4 26x ---> #y9e6n54hddnd 130x ---> #tts6mzy1l5kc 1000x ---> !!
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    Closed [0.02 BTC] Weekly Challenge: National Spaghetti Day!

    #mrsz4rwzw7lr #dt2couhmg2we #nw5yd0ced1r7
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    Closed [0.01 BTC] Weekly challenge: Secret service!

    Finally done! :) I have also listed the name of movies since some of the dates between ranges are not valid ;) #922iz82tequp [Goldfinger] (1964) Sean Connery #uuspd0gdl6if [On Her Majesty's Secret Service] (1969) George Lazenby #yy9ejjel3gpb [The Spy Who Loved Me] (1977) Roger...
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    Closed [0.01 BTC] Weekly challenge: Test for guts!

    #u5qgr4ozurnd 3300 😊
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    congrats. you are now the first.
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    Good Win :) #p42n8gkfl83h
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    Is changing SEED advisable?

    In my opinion No.
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    Basics :)

    good tips.
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    Computer or Mobile Phone ?

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    BTC Price Prediction?

    It is going to up and down around 11K
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    How to be a Winner!?

    have a moderately safe strategy. Do not be greedy ;)