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  1. freespam101

    Crash game ... some suggetions that need fixing

    we seem to have a weird hybrid of an auto game and a manual game atm. first in its current form we have a manual mode crash game.. we set the multiplyer but have no option to crash out this is literaly the point of the game... you see how long you can hold out before you hit the crash out...
  2. freespam101

    More options for bet range numbers needed (manual mode)

    I like the sliders and the ability to add or remove percentage win rate and payout. But it's allmost impossible to select particular numbers for the people that like doing high risk betting. For example if I wanted to select 4242 on a 0.01%. I have to slide.. add percentage change remove it...
  3. freespam101

    Betting Dice Strategys

    First remember there is no system that will guarantee winnings in any casino. so lets start here Gambler's fallacy NOW SOME STRATEGYS Martingale Strategy Martingale (betting system) (wikki) full guide In a martingale system you progressively increase your bets during a losing streak...
  4. freespam101

    Can we have a search function on our bet history.

    would it be possible to have a search function on our bet history or filters so we could filter by win / loss filter by payout or percentage chance or search for particular % chance / payout becuase currently if we want to share a win we have to link it pretty much straight away ... after a...