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  1. Betwrong

    Ideas and Suggestions for Giveaways

    How about WinDice Art Contest? No need for big prizes. $25 for the 1st place is enough imo. I think it'll be fun.
  2. Betwrong

    WinCoin Daily Contest

    Thanks for your replies, guys! I feel like I used to know about this shop in the past, but I've forgotten about it completely. Can also maybe tell me about these Experience tokens? What are they for?
  3. Betwrong

    Achievement race contest windice.

    Those are awesome achievements, mate! GL in the future! How much DOGE have you collected overall? (if I may ask)
  4. Betwrong

    WinCoin Daily Contest

    Seeing how many coins some players have, tens of thousands, I'm wondering how do you guys manage to get so many of them. Right now I'm taking the 10th position, but I'm almost sure I'll be outran in the end. So, how you guys do it? :)
  5. Betwrong

    How to easy earn in 10 lists.

    Great list! Thank you, @Tomki91 ! Let's use it! ;)
  6. Betwrong

    Which your favourite mod? why?

    Anonnep and Furlicious are the best. What do you mean by "i miss her"? Is she out? I feel like she's always with us when we are playing on WD. :)
  7. Betwrong


    That's why I never do it. Really, in all my gambling history I never went all-in with 1.0102x multiplier. The potential reward is so small it's not worth it.
  8. Betwrong


    lots of greens make us too relaxed and lazy :)
  9. Betwrong

    New member looking for friends

    Here's a tip for you: Don't beg for tips here. Also, if you have no chips to play with, participate in trivia in the WinDice chat, this way you can get some. ;)
  10. Betwrong


    I'm not sure I understand what you mean. :)
  11. Betwrong


    Experience doesn't help at all in purely luck based games. I used to play dice better than today when I was only starting. :)
  12. Betwrong


    Prolly will never happen again. How about $100k? :)
  13. Betwrong

    How To Win At Gambling???

    Does card counting work for online Blackjack?
  14. Betwrong


    Yep, I did. :) I hope I was right with this pic though :) I created it in the end of December.
  15. Betwrong


    I need $30k, I bet on $30k+ when it looked like a crazy bet. :) I bet on "$30,001 - $35,000" at 23.59 UTC on the 31st of December 2020.
  16. Betwrong


    The question is, for how long? Will we see $30K+ in January? :unsure:
  17. Betwrong


    I’m glad I was right. :) Congrats with the new ATH, everyone!
  18. Betwrong

    OMG. I am top 1 at Top Poster(s) of the Month! (November2020)

    I just remembered, it the Poster of the Month, not "Poster of the Week", as I said earlier. It's in the same thread where they say about your win. :) Check it out. It's almost $50 today! :)
  19. Betwrong

    Hot POLL:New game(s) on Windice? Voice your opinion.

    My vote went for "other" because what I'd really like to see on WinDice is poker. I love poker, especially Texas hold 'em, and there are not many places where you can play it with crytpo.
  20. Betwrong

    Closed [0.01BTC RANKED] Weekly Super Challenge: HIT THE WORD

    dopey eyd3jafoifp3 --------------------------------------------- Just a friendly suggestion: next time maybe make 4 letters min to qualify. :)