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    Weekly challenges

    Welcome back. You can check out the events section. You can also join telegram for the weekly telegram challenge and follow on Twitter for giveaways.
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    Windice Discussion??

    FYI mods and staffs vote who will be the winners for the monthly poster contest. They based their votes on the impact of the content of the post, originality, consistency. Coz to be honest, some post are not that impacting or appealing. And regarding the right forum thread, there are just some...
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    How does Martingale Strategy Works at Windice

    Nice strategy yes, but you are right it doesn't work all the time. It still depends on your luck. You can also use this in crash if you are a risk taker. Nice job BTW, a very informative thread. :)
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    Closed Team vs Team Contest #37

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    A Day Without Crazy Trivia

    Lol yeah
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    Closed Team vs Team Contest #32

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    It's my Windice anniversary!

    Today marks my 1st year anniversary with windice. A year full of fun. Though a lot have already changed since my first day of playing here, I still come back not only to play but also to check on the chatroom to see if my friends are online. As I always say, i consider windice my home coz...
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    I have reached my 21st level.

    Congrats on your level achievement!
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    Closed Team Vs Team Contest #30

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    Closed Team vs Team Contest #29

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    New year, New updates.

    First, let me congratulate admin, programers, mods and everyone behind windice for their efforts in continuously upgrading the games, UI for a better experience while playing. Aside from the new slot games added, I also noticed that you can already hide your rolls (applicable for level 31+ )...
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    Closed Team VS Team Rollhunt # 27

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    Have you received or tried to send Crypto coin as a gift?

    None of my friends or family are familiar with cryptos and how they work tho they hear abt it. But my brother seems to get interested the last time they went home. So I gave him my alt acct to another site so he can play lol. My son also laughs at me when I told him that cryptos are the future...
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    I have a broken heart.

    Same feeling I have. Like in my previous post I mentioned that old users (well I mean pioneers lol) and high rollers are lesser to be seen. Windice taught me the world of online casino. It excites me to login everyday to chat with awesome people, to do challenges, participate on trivias and of...
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    What's the minimum letters? And do we have to finish one name first before proceeding to another one?