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    Closed [0.01 BTC Ranked] Weekly challenge: Jackpot fever!

    well looks like anyone using a dicebot might win.. wonder if the mods could add a simple search funtion to bet history. its not a particaulary hard thing to add... just saying. i wonder how many people are using phones tablets etc and cant run the dice bot?
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    Crash game ... some suggetions that need fixing

    we seem to have a weird hybrid of an auto game and a manual game atm. first in its current form we have a manual mode crash game.. we set the multiplyer but have no option to crash out this is literaly the point of the game... you see how long you can hold out before you hit the crash out...
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    Dice Game vs. Crash Game!!

    you can thank me for that ... lolz... now i hope they also listen to me and add search funtion to the bet history
  4. freespam101

    Can we have a search function on our bet history.

    with the new challange of getting multiple 7777 hits the search function and sorting options that ive mentioned in this thread sure would be helpfull
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    Closed [0.01 BTC Ranked] Weekly challenge: Jackpot fever!

    would be a great plan if we could search bet history... for bet results. otherwise this is going to be one tedious task either staring at the screen for days on end ... or searching threw 100+ pages on bet history looking for a hit. average 10,000 rolls to hit one 7777 average say 2 bets a...
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    Why I’m not qualified to win in yellow team wining?

    who knows i said i was yellow team from the start ...
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    YELLOW TEAM [Week 1]

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    Giveaway TEAM GIVEAWAY

    day 2.... lets see who the heretics are... its team yellow all the way.
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    Closed [0.01 BTC Ranked] Weekly challenge: Masters of the three!

    #sw6v5esslmfs #1ocsagc25q0u #sz5gv8xsxo63 #toyhs1bwsd8k #8eg3cnqtydxf #wllyp3ysl8pq
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    Giveaway TEAM GIVEAWAY

    i think my brain just melted a bit watching that video..... go team Mystic ( yellow)
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    YELLOW TEAM [Week 1]

    go team yellow ... or Mystic lolz
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    A story back to 2008...

    right ......lolz
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    is the site down or did i get banned? lol

    is it still down?
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    Closed [0.01 BTC] Weekly challenge: Marksmanship!

    #8bwrizsitwqb 25x #uw9zxs45w08x 50x #rbqr1s5rm5o6 100x
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    Biggest Multiplier hit!

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    what's in you porfolio.

    bitcoin cold storage (long term savings for my daugter) and some airdrops of random "shit" coins ... and mining JSE coin on my raspberry pi