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  1. zibmarkie

    Closed Data error?

    Last night I tried to make it rain several times. None worked. I met the required amounts. Kept getting data error. I also know I'm not the only one. Can we get a fix please?
  2. zibmarkie

    is the site down or did i get banned? lol

    ok seriously, i put in for a deposit a few seconds before the site went down. Is that going to create an issue once it comes back online?
  3. zibmarkie


    I understand not tipping off of faucets and tips to keep abuse to a min. But would someone explain since rain is random, why we cant make it rain off of faucets and tips? just curious, because all its doing is creating more harm by forcing those that want to give back to the community to...
  4. zibmarkie

    Closed data error

    i am currently attempting to play on faucets. Click one it seems to get stuck in buffering. close reopen, click another and same thing. after about three times i get "data error" box popping up. i've refreshed. closed it, reopened. I've deleted cookies....... what can i do here?
  5. zibmarkie

    what's in you porfolio.

    just curious what everyone is hodling (and im not talking little faucet stuff, actual investments). in my portfolio is: btc, eth, doge, xlm, ltc, ada, neo, bat i play around alot with other altcoins such as bnb, zcash, vet, steem. I use these for more short term gains. Altho I am happy to see...