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  1. Betwrong

    WinCoin Daily Contest

    Seeing how many coins some players have, tens of thousands, I'm wondering how do you guys manage to get so many of them. Right now I'm taking the 10th position, but I'm almost sure I'll be outran in the end. So, how you guys do it? :)
  2. Betwrong

    Why DOGE is down?

    Just look at this: While almost all other cryptos are going up these days, DOGE is going only down and down. Anyone knows why is this happening?
  3. Betwrong

    Crypto Related Memes

    Let's post Crypto Related Memes in this thread. They shouldn't be necessarily yours, but of course, as American novelist, Herman Melville, once said, "It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation." So, don't be afraid of posting something original here. Who knows, maybe a...