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  1. chadktt

    Participation REWARD for windice events RANKED WEEKLY

    Consolation prize for those who made an entry but didnt make it to the top 10 would be nice ! reason for this is to encourage more users to participate. Sometimes just seeing other players posting a lot of entries makes other small players to back down and won't do the weekly challenge at all...
  2. chadktt

    UFC 266: Volkanovski vs. Ortega sept 25

    a lot of bangers this UFC 266 but first lets get to the main event i have been tailing volkanovski since he started in ufc and i cashed on him BIGTIME , he is a well rounded fighter with a heavy weight strength in this bout he will be facing the slick Brian Ortega a submission specialist this...
  3. chadktt

    Holiday season

    holiday season is waving just around the corner , whos lucky and nice and i hope you guys got a good profit and your endeavors , keep stakin em coins and cash out this holdiday good luck to all , have a wonderful one
  4. chadktt

    UFC SMITH vs SPANN (19 Sep)

    update on this one we got the MAIN event Anthony smith via round one sub
  5. chadktt

    BIG multiplier or LOW multiplier Which player are you ? crash/dice

    the thrill of the hunt keep grinding
  6. chadktt

    MOnthly Bonus For TOP WAGERers

    i second to that (y)
  7. chadktt

    UFC SMITH vs SPANN (19 Sep)

    and yeah we are back after a week lay off , here we have the journeyman of ufc the LIONHEART Anthony SMITH been a pro MMA fighter for a decade now on his 51 fight (35-16) he is against the newcomer the JOURNEYMAN KILLER ryan spann , its been a been a hard road for anthony smith since his loss to...
  8. chadktt

    Windice sports betting?

    i would love to !!!!!!!
  9. chadktt

    SPORTS BETTING to be included for future windice update

    A missing key ingredient for windice is as a sports betting platform a lot of us is a sports fan , it was incalculated to us since our early years in school and specially during our teenage years , may be it basketball, soccer, boxing, tennis , billiards , esports , chess and such ! yes...
  10. chadktt

    Bitcoin to 100000$, ETH to 10000$

    although investing in earlier in 2020 was ideal it's not too late why? because of two T's TRUST and TREND! bitcoin associating with big companies and institutions and thus believe these institutions are investing in BTC to hedge against crisis financially(TRUST) , the recent developments on...
  11. chadktt

    Bitcoin drops another 5% a day after the crypto market shed $360 billion during El Salvador's BTC rollout

    itcoin and ether fell again on Wednesday before regaining some ground after plunging during El Salvador's bumpy bitcoin rollout the day before, with more than $360 billion wiped off the highly leveraged crypto market in just two days. Bitcoin fell as much as 5% on Wednesday, according to...
  12. chadktt

    El Salvador's world-first adoption of bitcoin endures bumpy first day

    El Salvador's historic adoption of bitcoin as legal tender on Tuesday was beset by teething problems, as an angry protest by mistrustful citizens, technological glitches and a dip in the cryptocurrency clouded the rollout. The bold experiment got off to a bumpy start when shortly after...
  13. chadktt

    MOnthly Bonus For TOP WAGERers

    we have daily and weekly top wagerers why not add monthly top wager ^^ SUGGESTION FOR DAILY WAGER RACE - specific game wager for that day and different wager game method the following day ex. dice wagering for Mondays Saturday plinko on Tuesdays Fridays crash on Wednesdays Sundays...
  14. chadktt

    zup mate

    zup mate
  15. chadktt

    let's play a game

  16. chadktt

    Fee withdrawal too high

    yes but not higher than the btc rate transfer fee ull save some if you excange to other less fee coins , especially when you love to transfer from wallet to wallet to binace to windice , so it would be better not to play with btc due to the high transfer rate
  17. chadktt

    ADA rising up til 2nd week sept!

    0.0761 usd was cardano's price last year(sept1 2020) now its almost 3 usd!!
  18. chadktt

    Name your favorite Slot game !

    i had issues with VPN's but le me try to have one and spam that pragmatic !!
  19. chadktt

    Other way to get profit and withdraw from here

    haha apir bigtime mod ! am trying to push my luck to where it leads hahaa if it will breakthrough to the heavens ill gladly take it
  20. chadktt

    Fee withdrawal too high

    yeah better make use of exchange feature, btc to a lower fee transfer coin as meyzee said bch xrp ltc ^^