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  1. letsrollandplay

    Interesting Facts

    This thread will helps us to gain knowledge about the various facts and as well will be interesting to discuss about it. Lets post some of the facts you are aware about and I am sure for many of us it would be surprising to know all such things. IceCream actually makes your body warmer due to...
  2. letsrollandplay

    Lucky Number

    In Gambling, many believe in superstitious or have as an individual everyone as a favorite number or call it a Lucky number. Which is you lucky number which you may be hunting in dice or is it a jackpot number 7777 ?
  3. letsrollandplay

    Purpose of Crypto in your life

    What is the general purpose you use crypto for? Do you use it in your daily life to buy/sell anything or is it just for the investment. Mostly have seen users just to hold it, but if someone does use it somewhere else, then where do you spend it. Does merchants in your country do accept crypto...
  4. letsrollandplay

    Technical/Fundamental - Or Both ?

    Which analysis you generally follow before buying any crypto is it Technical or Fundamental, or both. As well, which is your core competence while selecting a coin based on your own research which could be fundamental or technical before you finally invest in a coin. Or is it just on anybody...
  5. letsrollandplay

    Good act during Covid Time

    We all have witness some unprecedented time in last 1.5 years where entire world was shut for for few months. It has being worst of the time for millions of people across world where daily wage earner could not earn anything, small businesses were impacted severely and some of them had to shut...
  6. letsrollandplay

    Passive Income

    What are the different ways in which you can make some passive income with your crypto currency. As it is said that you should make your money work even while you sleep so lets try and collate all the ways which can help all of us to make some extra income. Staking Depositing on exchange (Some...
  7. letsrollandplay

    Are you Full time into Gambling?

    Are you a professional gambler and into gambling for full time or is it just some hours in a week you gamble for fun and a chance to make some money pulls you into gambling. If you are not in gambling on a full time basis then what do you do like are you a student, freelancer, full/part time...
  8. letsrollandplay

    Altcoins Investment

    What is your favorite altcoin post btc hitting 50000$ back and how much investment you have done in which altcoins? To me few altcoins which I like to invest and have also invested are Doge, ETH, XRP, NEO, DOT. Now identifying more altcoins to invest in it. Which altcoins will you pick now?
  9. letsrollandplay

    What makes you come back to Windice !!

    What is 1 or few things that makes you come back to Windice every time. 1) Is it friends at Windice ? 2) Is this your luck website which have helped you to make some money? 3) Is it the events held at Windice? 4) Is it because its well managed site with trustworthy and best of the moderators...
  10. letsrollandplay

    Are you Superstitious ?

    Many people generally in world are superstitious with their habits and do the same thing whenever they start it. Some of my friends like wear the same color clothes as they feel they are lucky with it, play from sitting at the same couch etc. Are you superstitious in gambling (Yes/No) and if...
  11. letsrollandplay

    Gambling - Pre and Post Corona

    In last One and half years i.e pre March 2020 and post March 2020 what the results for below - 1) Spending time in gambling Increased/Decreased. 2) Spending Money in Gambling Increased/Decreased. 3) Are you addicted or can stay away for few days from gambling. 4) Overall in lockdown time you...
  12. letsrollandplay

    Funny Username @ Windice

    I am sure here many would have come across the different username created by users at Windice which may not hold true as the name may suggest. Which of them strikes you as funny user names. (This is just to have some smiles and do consider it on a lighter note Windice users) One such username I...
  13. letsrollandplay

    Windice Moderators List

    Many would be aware about some moderators in the respective country chat, but here is the list of entire moderators of Windice. They belong to different country's chat - Monitor and Supervise those country chats along with various other stuff. So new joiners and some of the users would have...
  14. letsrollandplay

    Bitcoin closer to 50000$

    Time has come again of that year where we will see bitcoin crossing 50k . It has being just like other years a roller coaster ride till now where we have seen the new highs for the btc ever of crossing 60k+ and fallen from the ATH by 50% and went till 30k. But since btc always surprises everyone...
  15. letsrollandplay

    Roulette - New addition

    I am sure many of you would already know and played as well European Roulette which is a latest addition to Windice site. This was on of the games which was surely being missed from long time and definitely Windice ensures that they keep on updating it as and when require and players enjoys the...
  16. letsrollandplay

    Things you love about Windice

    Since we all part of Windice community and being here from some time now, lets gets synopsis of some pointers which you like about Windice. The list can go on and on but lets have minimum 3 special things you like about Windice. 1) Wonderful support experience - Whenever I have troubleshooted...