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  1. swaroop95

    so called top monthly poster

    this is what the top monthly poster pms in frustration.. just becuase she has support from mods means she can write anything?? i earn daily 0.02btc in day trading and i got lot of others things to do ...unlike you who doesnt even leave even 1 sats which is free from any website.. see your...
  2. swaroop95

    passive earners ruling this windice

    i never gave complaints on windice other than recent comments in one challenge
  3. swaroop95

    suggestions for vip system

    i liked the windice vip system..but level up bonuses would be nice... (not in wincoins please) hope windice adds that feature too others can post their suggestions in this thread good luck windicers
  4. swaroop95

    new bug report

    you can see in this video i cannot type "." in plinko risk settings while playing in my mobile i.e. im unable to type 1.2 or 0.7 or 1.5 while playing in mobile.... unable to type "."
  5. swaroop95

    way to silver vip

    (thx ray for telling me) for 1 week we get 1000 exp free by logging in daily.. by additional free wincoins,rains of wincoins and faucets of wincoins...i think it is easy to reach silver (30000exp) within 12 weeks... from faucets and other is easy to hit 1500 wincoins daily..which is...
  6. swaroop95

    vip system started in windice from 22/06/2020

    congratulations windice for new vip system.. now nothing can stop windice from becoming top crypto casino.. hope i can make it to silver soon...
  7. swaroop95

    bug report in auto play while playing in mobile

    you can see i am not able to change the "balancemin" and "balancemax" while playing in mobile
  8. swaroop95

    expecting live support in future

    since windice is becoming more popular... iam hoping that windice will add live support soon.. live support would be nice for faster tip approvals,withdraw approvals,etc... nowadays the support tickets are being solved fastly...hope it gets solved even faster and become live support.. best...
  9. swaroop95

    make windice players more secure

    since we can see all players telegram numbers in windice chat...some scammers started scams by personal messaging them so i advise windice to hide the players list who joined the chat the scammers do all kind of bad stuff like fake strategy selling,asking for tips and promising for double...
  10. swaroop95

    Challenges became harder??

    No they became more rewarding than ever.. But minimum balance of 0.005btc added with some luck we can definitely profit from challenges as we did profit from challenges previously when the minimum bet and multipliers were low Good luck windicers for challenges
  11. swaroop95

    Areas where windice need to improve

    1)live support (24/7) 2)tips approval should be removed since already minimum balance requirement is there to give tips... I didn't find any abuse in it
  12. swaroop95

    Please reduce the minimum amount for exchange

    I don't know what is the advantage for windice for keeping a minimum requirement for in house exchange of crypto.. For tips I can understand that some users will abuse faucet buy why minimum requirement of exchange I don't understand.. Hope this is taken care in future
  13. swaroop95

    What is the music thing going on??

    I was inactive in windice for last month due to preparation for my exams.. After that when I entered windice many new mods are added and there is one mod kryakrya (I'm sorry if the spelling is wrong). In chat he tells order music and one fat dancing pig appears... What is going on... Can...
  14. swaroop95

    Advise for windice

    Windice is becoming more popular with customizable dice and plinko... But for new players the website appearance should be the first impression The numbers appearance and letters appearance should be more smoother... As per psychology more sharp edges means eyes avoid such images unless...
  15. swaroop95

    dicebot script for challenge

    this is dicebot script for forum challenge black mamba... copy and paste it in dice bot programmer mode... sit back and will give alert sound if it hits... (for those who are bored to check if the roll is 8 or 24... ) good luck hunters... note:this is for btc currency...for other...
  16. swaroop95

    wanted new games in windice

    i personally want hourly,daily lotteries in windice......... since lotteries are being adopted by many other sites rapidly...windice should also think of adding lotteries.... please tell about games that you want windice to add... all the best windicers
  17. swaroop95

    not interested in doing challenges??

    i know that some times challenges are very tough... but anyway you are here to win... so win by completing the challenge... you will get double reward... would have already gained big amount by hitting that big multiplier according to the challenge 2.the reward prize sometimes the...
  18. swaroop95

    balancing everything in life

    i know families dont encourage gambling because they think that you are addicted to it.... but in life addiction to anything is dangerous.. for example if you are too addicted to education then your health becomes imbalance... if you are too addicted to sports then your education becomes...
  19. swaroop95

    lost and no money to deposit??

    in windice many newbies dont know that , not only there are roll hunts in telegram but trivia and roll hunts are frequently done with higher rewards than telegram ... especially by mod furlicious.. she gives very high rewards... i myself won 3500 doge in a roll hunt when my balance was...
  20. swaroop95

    windice payout delay

    to all those who are spreading fake news that windice doesnt this.. i used vpn and went on creating new accounts and went all in i.e. 150sats for 990x payout...if it didnt hit then i logged out without setting any password and again logged in with new account and repeated the...