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  1. Kittkatt

    The Do's and Don'ts when playing

    Wew , that’s was too long to read . Good suggestions bro, keep posts like this up . But please make short notes next time instead of making long passages.
  2. Kittkatt

    Weird and you should know about buy windice coins with crypto .

    First- Why we can’t exchange/buy windice coins back even site sell it with crypto ? I can accept the rest of the item in shop. But if you want to set windice coin value, you should be able to exchange/buy it back with taking a small amount of profit. I just thought about that windice coins...
  3. Kittkatt

    Closed Team vs Team rollhunt contest

    10 Kittkatt
  4. Kittkatt


    Let me get in short term windice’s currency ( Wincoin) 1 - Every person is needed to reach level 21 to claim crypto currencies faucet ( you can only claim wincoin before level 21) 2- You can use wincoin to buy products ( windice’s level related things) like experience, boosters( ❗️ don’t...
  5. Kittkatt

    Here we go again.

    Why don’t you interested to be mods? If you want to become a mods I will vote for you
  6. Kittkatt

    WINCOIN DAILY CONTEST (new contest)

    That’s is the only thing which I like in windice 2.0( updates) . Let’s rock with wincoins . Good luck
  7. Kittkatt

    New Windice against other big crypto casino?

    That’s true fact. I also want to see updates but unique and creative ( not mean copycat) . This update is made my impression down. This is just suggestions windice to improve depending on your community feedback.
  8. Kittkatt

    Here we go again.

    That’s absolutely right and I also agree with you. I can accept the og mods . But new mods are appearing in site without seeing them before. instead of them I would like to see @pratikbaba as mod lol 😂
  9. Kittkatt

    Closed [Vote] Miss Windice!

    @77kdub @hanvee
  10. Kittkatt

    Closed [0.02 BTC] Weekly Challenge: National Spaghetti Day!

    plinko 22x #oku5z9z3y6sm crash 44.99x #2aoblfm70i82 Dice 100x #6sk3aosf2d55
  11. Kittkatt


    #i1g2f51o63ly Bet amount 200 satoshi
  12. Kittkatt

    Closed [0.02 BTC] Weekly Challenge: National Play Outside Day!

    @Poelhch115 #xhaw6ot006lw #6yifjxbdhnwd #sxl6en6le7k2 #8a598ayh4het #k7pwtvnva1b9 #i6vcrck5nzd6 #79hg5jun8qo0
  13. Kittkatt

    Closed [0.02 BTC Ranked] Weekly Challenge: Singapore Flyer Ride!

    crash #bf35jxpgi0eq Dice #xvvcakwxe3uq #tvuwgzje3pu7 #pix35x3tpb03 #4tirpvy7alh7 #pt3nqro7786p #bwoulom5ek6y #i5v5n32jwdn0
  14. Kittkatt

    Closed [0.02 BTC] Weekly challenge: Speed Racer!

    #ppormmkokppq #bxhlulwlifno
  15. Kittkatt

    Cant withraw

    Still holding my payout too .
  16. Kittkatt

    Closed [0.01BTC] World Kindness Day!

    1- #oy7d7oj6fh4w 2- #23p2fnrgsso6 3- #86btvl30epyo 4- #qevet1mzyqml 5- #ipbvycro547n 6- #3tzuf7d3j38l 7- #4eygaqpvycjc
  17. Kittkatt

    Closed [0.02 BTC] Weekly challenge: Dozens!

    #kwofscfwqy0r #vay0i83k1qf4 #c4e8p9pj35oa