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  1. Kittkatt

    Weird and you should know about buy windice coins with crypto .

    First- Why we can’t exchange/buy windice coins back even site sell it with crypto ? I can accept the rest of the item in shop. But if you want to set windice coin value, you should be able to exchange/buy it back with taking a small amount of profit. I just thought about that windice coins...
  2. Kittkatt

    I need help with my payout

    Hello sir I need help with my 2 payouts each payouts is over 5 hours for holding and didn’t paid me yet . Please admin come online and check my ticket/payout transaction. I’m really getting annoying with this payout holding
  3. Kittkatt

    Why I’m not qualified to win in yellow team wining?

    yellow team winning 3 time and I’m not qualified for all of these yellow team members winning. I already replied for day 5 and still I’m not winning again. Why??????
  4. Kittkatt

    Minimum bet amount should be 0

    I think windice should make minimum bets amount to 0 for telegram challenge . Because telegram challenge is just a giveaway promotion. so people who don’t have balance to play challenge ( especially me lol 😂) is being sad by watching other people bets within challenge time. Just suggesting my...