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  1. r0w3n4

    BCH ison fire today!

    lucky to those who did invest on it when it was still at low price.
  2. r0w3n4

    How To Win At Gambling???

    that number 5 in there.. lol a friend will always say it is not "Christmas everyday"
  3. r0w3n4

    A small experiment ♡♡♡

    I am old member here way back year 2019 XD but not playing much on dice. Goodluck. :)
  4. r0w3n4

    Addiction and gambling. What makes you a loser?

    Been in that situation where I thought everyday is a lucky day. You win big time in one day and then you got hook unto it. And end up losing all your coins including the depo then you end up putting more depo trying to get it back lol. Addiction on gambling sucks. I learned and being good now. I...
  5. r0w3n4

    Have you received or tried to send Crypto coin as a gift?

    i did the same thing too. I send cryptos for christmas gift. its easier and more convenient also. :)
  6. r0w3n4

    Closed BOWLING WEEK Challenge

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    Closed [0.02BTC]Weekly Challenge: Virus Appreciation Day

    #capgjc9jg09u #fof4xx18cogz
  8. r0w3n4

    New Telegram channel WINDICE

    hot lol. nice one
  9. r0w3n4


    na curios ako aba nakibalita na din pala ako XD
  10. r0w3n4

    Greetings To Windice Family!!

    Thank you. Like wise to you also. Goodluck and bets of luck always.
  11. r0w3n4

    Gamblers best friend

    take a break. but then the break will be just hours and you will go back playing again. XD control and chill.
  12. r0w3n4

    What makes a good gambler

    very well said. sometimes when i play i just play and when the profit is already there. I end up playing it again thinking ah its ok its just the profit i am playing. lol