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  1. meyzee

    Pricesss are reedd

    Why all prices are negative? Like omg.
  2. meyzee

    Slots- New Added Game at Windice

    Today's mark the new added game at Windice! Slot! Let me tell you what I have researched from the web about slot machine. When was the first slot machine invented? According to "" the origin of slot machine can be traced back to...
  3. meyzee

    Increase on daily wincoin token ;)

    I haven't playing everyday since the start of the year. New years resolution lol. Haha But I noticed that due to increase of prices on coins it was hard to make it up to the daily contest leaderboard. Or it is just me? I mean since the price increase on doges the competition becomes so tight and...
  4. meyzee

    BCH ison fire today!

    I don't know much about the dets about bch all I know is that it has low fee and has a fast transaction! Is this the reason why it pump up? Will this last longer or will went down?
  5. meyzee

    English chat meme at Windice! Lol!

    I was like observing windice english chatroom and create a meme out of it. Lol. haha Peace yow friends! Hahaha. 😉😉
  6. meyzee

    Have you received or tried to send Crypto coin as a gift?

    Heya! Since this year was my first time to spend the Christmas acquiring a little knowledge about crypto I figured that it was really awesome to received a crypto as a gift than any other stuff that runs out of value in the end of time! Imagine if you have received a small amount of btc last...
  7. meyzee

    What are the activities/contests to join at windice to earn cryptocurrency.

    Windice is a nice dice gaming platform where you can earn cryto currencies by playing their games and winning their promising daily, weekly and monthly contests. I put here list of activities that I have observe during my stay here: 1. Daily wincoin contest, _By just wagering wincoins/ windice...
  8. meyzee

    OMG. I am top 1 at Top Poster(s) of the Month! (November2020)

    First thing in the morning and I saw this message congratulating me from winning as a top 1 from the posting challenge. I was so shock and I did not expect it. It was like when I passed my exam on my dream professional title! I am really really happy about it! Just so you know guys I am a...
  9. meyzee

    Getting familiar with the game dice at Windice.

    Before checking for a better strategy for dice that suited your gaming activity, we have to get to know first what dice in Windice is. To actually know how this actually works. Well start in studying the system and the mechanics of the game. Familiarizing with the system is quite easy. All games...
  10. meyzee

    How long have you been to windice and what have you learned so far?

    I think I started here 4 months ago, and I have spent a total of 13 days 24 hrs and counting – pretty much long huh? Mind you I was already at level 18 long long way to go to level 21. And it was quite amazing, to talk to people, to actually awaken and increased my dopamine level when I simply...
  11. meyzee

    How do you find the game Plinko?

    For me, Playing plinko is like riding a 360 degree frisbee in an amusement park, feeling like I am gonna die of anticipation. Haha. Heart throbbing and I feel like my soul wants to come out. Haha. How about you? Plinko to me : My ball will bounce bounce bounce until your money drop drop drop...
  12. meyzee

    Hidden wager and profit.

    Hi I am very much curious about how come others make their profit and wager hidden? And when I was looking out for the setting to try if that is possible to me I have found none? Is this only for VIP's or I am just lazy to look for it?
  13. meyzee

    Addiction and gambling. What makes you a loser?

    Research studies compare gambling to drugs. It provides stimulation and excitement and like many cases it might result to addiction or even greater. It brought adrenaline rush that makes it even more appealing and satisfying. Moreover, the question that makes me wonder so much when I started...
  14. meyzee

    My Windice Journey

    I have joined windice not because I am a gambler, but because I was just a curious cat. I have been studying crypto currency just recently when COVID-19 started, because I was bored. And so far, I am doing great. Well, I think. I am enjoying windice because I could actually interact with people...