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  1. hyper2019

    Mobile application from windice

    Admin It is possible to provide a windice mobile application, so that I have will be request show that the mobile application is provide. hyper2019
  2. hyper2019

    My Technique For Winning Big

    Here is the strategy that I am using. You guys can also try... Risky but pays big when you hit green. ✓ Minimum bet - 0.000005 ✓ Multiplier - 2X ✓ Raise on win - 25% ✓ Raise on lose - 25% Stop betting when you hit 7 multiple green streaks. You can adjust the percentage of increment defends on...
  3. hyper2019

    Payout problem

    Hello sir I need help with my 1 payouts each payouts is over 2 hours for holding and didn’t paid me yet . Please admin come online and check my ticket/payout transaction. I’m really getting annoying with this payout holding