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  1. mowmow

    Windice my home

    Oh.. of course that's for sure. :) No matter how many times we get broken we will be coming back here. Hahaha! Visit, waive a lil, play a lil then leave. Wahahaha!
  2. mowmow

    Windice my home

    And as for the betting.,, Well like you am also having the same feeling. I am having doubts already. Cuz before, evrytime I lose big, I can get back again on same day. I can even win big like many times in a week or two. Months ago, even if I play like almost 24 hours a day, reds wont show much...
  3. mowmow

    Windice my home

    Gutom lang yan... Hahahaha!! Charowt.. Happy lunch sis.. 🤗 I can trully feel you on this one sis.. And we really are sis.. hahaha!! This site is where I first experienced everything too about casino.. from playing, to chatting, become a crazy noisy chatter, depositing all my funds, learn to...
  4. mowmow

    My Windice Journey

    Lmao. Am loving this part. Number 9 and 10. Hahaha!! Now you know there is actually a thing called "faucet" and "rain" in gambling. Hahahaha!! But now, you already are one of the gamblers of WINDICE.. HAHAHAHA!! And yeah, all I can say is, enjoy your every moment here, have fun exploring and I...
  5. mowmow

    Attitude problem (part 1: begging)

  6. mowmow

    Attitude problem (part 1: begging)

    Dang. That's very crazy.. an obvious despirate move. Tsk tsk
  7. mowmow

    Attitude problem (part 2: ridiculous actions)

    Now, let me go over the other crazy things I have noticed from other players. I have been keeping this to myself for like months now but dang this players won't really stop their ridiculousness and worst, they are even too proud doing it. Lately, there had been too many offensive actions done...
  8. mowmow

    Attitude problem (part 1: begging)

    Today let me discuss about the word BEGGING. What does begging actually mean? As stated in one of the definitions provided in google, begging, also known as PANHANDLING, is the practice of imploring others to grant a favor, often a gift of money, with little or no expectation of reciprocation...
  9. mowmow

    Any question regarding the site

    Nope there isnt. But once you reach from silver to diamond level, everytime you depo and play, you'll enjoy all the perks you can get like rakeback and cashback.. (cashback not available for silver)
  10. mowmow

    Gamblers best friend

    Exactly. Lol
  11. mowmow

    What makes a good gambler

    Lol. A typical "sugar-roll" hahaha! Don't worry you aint alone on that feeling cuz like you, beky and I feel the same at times to most of the time too. Hahaha
  12. mowmow

    Closed Team vs Team Rollhunt contest

    7 mowmow
  13. mowmow

    Greetings To Windice Family!!

    Fuze.. you're back :) I miss your postings. I'm so happy to see you posted once again here. I miss chatting with you guys in ph chat room :)
  14. mowmow

    The Realtalk

    What play you mean?? The games, dice crash and plinko??
  15. mowmow

    Other way to get profit and withdraw from here

    Exactly sis. It's another fun way to interact with others by exchanging thought and points of view. In that, you not only do brainstorming and research as well to get the best answer to post but this also helps in showing others your knowledge about the situation, etc. etc. Plus, you get to have...
  16. mowmow

    Closed Team VS Team rollhunt contest

    7. Mowmow
  17. mowmow

    What makes a good gambler

    Hahaha!! Love this part 😂😂
  18. mowmow

    What makes a good gambler

    And beky, pups and i are not really considered good gamblers. Lol. Poor us. Hahahaha
  19. mowmow

    so called top monthly poster

    Yeah tell him that. Hahaha! Keep reminding him cuz he always explode that's why he keep giving false accusations bout me. Hahaha!