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  1. dewana

    New Weekly Challenge:FLY TO THE STARS

    Wow very good kryakrya :) thanks for creat the chealinge :)for windice great hunters (y) goodluck for the chealinge :)wish you all the best :love:
  2. dewana

    Closed [0.02BTC Ranked]Weekly Challenge: National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

    Thanks for creat chealinge for great hunters Furlicious mod :) good luck my dears windice family :) :love: (y)
  3. dewana

    Closed Challenge: Writer's Day

    Thanks for creat chealinge :) good luck my dear (y) :love: hunters :)
  4. dewana

    New Telegram channel WINDICE

  5. dewana

    Closed Weekly Challenge: WINDICE GOLD RESERVE

    Happy chealinge good luck :love: (y) my dears windice family :)
  6. dewana

    Closed Weekly Challenge: TETRIS Game

    Good luck dear windicers
  7. dewana

    Closed [0.02BTC]Weekly Challenge:Water A Flower Day

    :love: (y)Good my dear hunters nice too see Furlicious chealinge hope for success for all of you my dear windice family
  8. dewana

    Closed Weekly Challenge:Catch a radio wave

  9. dewana

    Happy May Day

    Wish you all the best many many happy returns of the life :) want to see always successful anywhere
  10. dewana

    A suggestion for the platform (avatar and chat suggestions)

    Ok i will try to think about that but nice advice :)
  11. dewana

    Happy May Day

    Nice happy birthday
  12. dewana

    Closed [0.02BTC]Weekly Challenge: Pig in a Blanket Day

    Great challenge good luck my dear windicers
  13. dewana

    Closed [0.02BTC ranked] Happy Easter

    Wow nice chealinge good luck
  14. dewana

    New Voting for crypto currencies

    My best choice USDT
  15. dewana

    How do you first discovered Windice

    I discovered in ptc website