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  1. Betwrong

    Closed [0.02 BTC Ranked] Weekly Challenge: Singapore Flyer Ride!

    Ticket fee: #o4i1rtpxk78v - 68x 1. #v8314k9igwyq 2. #87twjr9zs77w 3. #lwd81tzkaxep 4. #ub8ww6apw4z1 5. #1b0jctpm9hhy
  2. Betwrong

    Why is Windice getting Bored?

    I know it can be abused, but I suggest to allow anyone tip anyone any time, regardless of the balance. The current minimum, 0.00001 BTC, is okay in my opinion. As for abusers, I think it's easy to spot such activity, and block their accounts.
  3. Betwrong

    Moment of Truth

    I'm sorry, I don't understand, what do you mean? Hope, it wasn't an insult. :)
  4. Betwrong

    Moment of Truth

    What I lose and what I win playing on WinDice are approximately equal amounts. But I have fun playing and chatting, and that's what counts. What I know about you is that you are going to win 0.0025 BTC soon from the "Weekly challenge: Crash test!". No one can hit more than 19 greens in a row...
  5. Betwrong


    Bitcoin always surpasses its previous ATH. So, we will be above $20k sooner or later, no doubt about that.
  6. Betwrong

    Closed Let's Strike!

    #7ncoyhlwgaml #ctmjx24ni491 #tmhzglzcryji
  7. Betwrong

    XRP vs BTC

    Normally Bitcoin supporters are against Ripple because it doesn't meet the criteria for decentralization. Ripple labs holds around 60 billion XRP(more than half of the total supply), and basically XRP holders can only pray for the company wouldn't dump it on the market.
  8. Betwrong

    Hello I am new!

    Hello and Welcome! Best of luck to you! Hope you've figured out already how to do the payout adjustment. :)
  9. Betwrong

    Can we have a search function on our bet history.

    This is something that would be nice to have, but as far as I know, no dice site has that feature currently. Even the ability to see the history of all your previous bets is something I can't see anywhere but on WinDice.
  10. Betwrong

    New Telegram channel WINDICE

    Hot men combined with "WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU" would look rather scary. )
  11. Betwrong

    Crypto Related Memes

  12. Betwrong

    Is changing SEED advisable?

    I almost never change my seed unless I'm asked to do so, or I want to check the fairness of an outcome. Changing seed affects the numbers you get, but you can never know how, or, in which way that affects the outcomes beforehand.
  13. Betwrong

    It's time to go

    You'll be missed a lot, ganghung. You were a great mod here, and I hope you'll be back.
  14. Betwrong

    BTC will rise to 10m$???

    No, $10 million for 1 BTC is not possible. The maximum it can ever reach (with the current purchasing power of USD) is around $4 million. Of course in the case of a big inflation BTC can reach any amount, $100 billion even, but you will be able to buy the same amount of products and services...
  15. Betwrong


    The probability of BTC hitting $10k this month is very high imo. Even though there were massive sell-outs on the market during the second part of May, BTC is still fluctuating around $8k, which is a very good sign.
  16. Betwrong

    DOGE could reach 1 USD ?

    It's not impossible, @Yabes2030 but the chances of it happening are close to zero. Btw our universe was created with about the same chances. Yet, here we are. :)
  17. Betwrong

    Biggest Multiplier hit!

    Congrats, freespam101! Winning 9900x always feels good. :)
  18. Betwrong

    Which of the Altcoins worth investing?

    I think it's Ethereum and Monero above all. I can't say about all the other cryptos, but, guys, don't invest in Bitcoin SV unless you are very experienced trader who can sell it several hours later with a profit. This coin will fail in the long run for sure.