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  1. Yabes2030

    John McAfee prediction

    That is was jokes I thought or trap... . But everyone was archive that for claim on future.
  2. Yabes2030

    what is the future of crypto coins?

    Cryptocurrency Obviously be change of USD / EURO.. That is possible to user for payment or transactions.
  3. Yabes2030

    DOGE could reach 1 USD ?

    Yes, but dogecoins goes as suprised comminty with the price so far. Then I not sure that could be 0.1$. So total be " Circulating Supply * 0.1$ = 119.489.349.891 * 0.1$ = 11948934989.1 USD, Its crazy, like impposible.
  4. Yabes2030

    Closed Daily Giveaway ! Updated.

    Just only on forums will be count as actice users?
  5. Yabes2030

    Closed [0.01 BTC] Weekly challenge: Bingo!

    #jr32q7gdmle6 10 #zw3yxpxe3txq 30 #n8udd61zwd9f 60 #uq6w0v56e1a7 80 #4gyxmpfri2aw 90