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  1. Mackyrivera

    Happy May Day

    WOW!!! just WOW!! you really did some good research to make MAY shines above all months there is on a calendar! lmao!!! And what makes MAY so awesome is because of one thing, and one thing alone.. most of the great people are born on may! lmao!! excuse me to those born on other months specially...
  2. Mackyrivera

    Just a heads up about gambling

    nice insight! gambling is for fun! if it isnt fun anymore might as well stop! On that note, a leopard cannot change its spots! once an addict always an i saw some horrible people doing horrible things just to feed their addiction, and the sad part about it, it can change your...
  3. Mackyrivera

    Great time at windice

    The introduction of dj's booth is a breath of fresh air! I was drawn to play at windice because of this feature.. heck a lot of times we turn the chat into a party place! and its awesome! the dedication of mods to make the place nicer for real players is commendable. Best of luck to windice!
  4. Mackyrivera

    BTC Price Prediction?

    Btc as volatile as it is, no one can really guess the future of it.. but as long as the demands are high and and the supplies are nearing to its end point, and as many experts predict it will keep an uptrend motion. After the halving surely it will go down a bit, but back in $20k per 1 btc by...
  5. Mackyrivera

    A suggestion for the platform (avatar and chat suggestions)

    what about me?? im a minion! Baby B! A growing site needs kin observation, to help them improve.. im pretty sure, your suggestion will be well accounted for! good job Baby B!
  6. Mackyrivera

    Hi guys I am new

    Can't say im new.. I just recovered my account tho! goodluck to all
  7. Mackyrivera

    New Telegram channel WINDICE

    nice, the community of windicers is getting bigger!
  8. Mackyrivera

    Closed [0.02BTC] Brand New 2020 Countdown!🎉

    trying this! i love plinko!
  9. Mackyrivera

    Happy new year 2020

    happy new year to all windicers!!!