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  1. 1nscrutabl3

    A friend. What type are you?

    i dont have any friends cause i dont believe in friends. its family or nothing and i dont just mean blood relatives. i mean the people you will die for and the people that will die for u. "friends" always fade away from your life eventually. family is with u forever.
  2. 1nscrutabl3

    Chatting constructively is not that Hard!

    some good knowledge here, well said.
  3. 1nscrutabl3

    New Telegram channel WINDICE

    omfg that girl on the left is hot af and my new soulmate
  4. 1nscrutabl3

    Closed Team vs Team Rollhunt Contest #167

    1nscrutabl3 17. o wow nevermind. just realized this was for friday lol. my fault.
  5. 1nscrutabl3

    new to the forums intro

    hello, im joshua. im sure some of u have seen me around here and other places as 1nscrutabl3 or ambiguous but im new to these forums and want to try some of the events and noticed you need at least 5 posts for most of them so im getting started here with this introduction as number 1. good luck...