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    Closed [0.02BTC] Brand New 2020 Countdown!🎉

    Happy new year All
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    Closed [0.02BTC] Brand New 2020 Countdown!🎉

    Bet I'd: xq1w1m8oehzi
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    Happy New year 2020

    Wish you all more good luck and more success come in new year.
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    My best strategy, Manual PO 3x

    its productive.. But not always good.. Because there is no perfect strategy for win.. At end loss possible
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    BCH added on Windice

    Bch coin is good coin and have more values.
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    Bets calculator to help bettors who love strategies.

    Its really nice and more productive especially for mines.. And also give legit sites info
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    Happy new year 2020

    Very very happy new years
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    New Telegram channel WINDICE

    Furli is everywhere hahaha