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    BLUE TEAM [Week 1]

    How does team win? I want to be here in blue
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    BLUE TEAM [Week 1]

    I'll be on blue team! So what is there for us to do?
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    Closed Card Giveaway [Daily]

    queen of diamonds
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    Any question regarding the site

    Damn you really did much. But then I experienced more than 52% on some my account tho, although i haven't come to that 50k rolls yet. I'm just saying that it goes under the number a lot due to house edge but that's why you gotta tweak the settings of every bet a little like dragging it a bit to...
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    Your real photo

    We tried something new haha
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    Newbies Corner

    I just started here too and I hope I'll have a good time as well! :)