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  1. HighDamage

    Closed [0.01 BTC] Weekly challenge: Binary hunt!

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  2. HighDamage

    More options for bet range numbers needed (manual mode)

    Ah. this additional feature that I will look forward to, for now I am very difficult to manually set it to the number that I really want to target. But Setting the Target to the middle is already the Characteristics of WinDice (and I like it) ^_^
  3. HighDamage

    Bets calculator to help bettors who love strategies.

    Very interesting web. I have tried it and the results are right, but there are still many more that need to be added :) Like D'Alembert and others. I can't wait for the latest update
  4. HighDamage


    The way to always win in Gambling will never exist, all depends on Seed's luck + Personal Luck. And as good as any strategy that we have still has the possibility of losing, there is we can to set each Greedy + Set the Base bet :D
  5. HighDamage

    what's your Opinion about tip/rain? minimum wallet balance should be decrease?

    In my opinion, Nominal Rain is already very good. But for the Chatroom it is a mess (because there are still many Abusers who are not Originally appearing in other Chatrooms) The duration of Rain Appearance is still less evenly distributed in each room. However, this is still in my opinion :)
  6. HighDamage

    Need Add More coins

    In my opinion, adding Coin is a good thing (especially Coin coins which are very often used in Gambling and Non gambling). But if I add too many types of coins, I don't think that is good :)