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  1. hanvee

    Closed [Vote] Miss Windice!

    wcmawi carolineF
  2. hanvee

    Closed (EVENT) Miss Windice!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WINDICE Miss Windice Beauty Contest username: hanvee
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    Get 5$ FREE

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    Closed [0.01 BTC Ranked] Weekly challenge: Crash test!

    #05pm7e39h6hr #ab2lhahk758n #vsj3zgyilvlu #urez5p0m05vg #hiru6lenup6e #obuuw4lbfutk #mo6df7mjx1ob #qp2lxol75k9m #xryq41itk219
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    Closed [0.02 BTC] Weekly challenge: Four horsemen!

    #x86wjlg9skuy 11x 9811 #2pjiwzzqm0oq 22x 9822 #s1oi6550ql6n 33x 9831 #wh2po5mpg3cj 44x 9847
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    @hanvee @veleten @ganghung
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    Closed Card Giveaway [Daily]

    3 clubs
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    Closed [0.01 BTC] Weekly challenge: Marksmanship!

    #3ha7771qcsvk 25x #v55jcdfi1s6a 50x #t0u3awjats2i 100x
  9. hanvee

    Hot Stream from WinDice Players

    xD what if i am the first one stream here? xDxD
  10. hanvee

    okay im vietnamese , may i help you?

    okay im vietnamese , may i help you?
  11. hanvee

    This Site is very good i use many others but i like and love it

    i like this site too man :P
  12. hanvee

    Faucet countdown

    i can realize thaat when i used all of 50 faucet and i donno when i can claim it again after 24hours - so it would be awesome if we have countdown timing there, or asleast notice how long we have left
  13. hanvee

    New What exactly did you like on the site?

    I have to use this site on mobile , i have surprised about loading of site is pretty fast and smooth about dice i like that we can select the number in between that how different with the most of dice site !
  14. hanvee

    Hot Stream from WinDice Players

    <~ this is my streaming chanel , click follow to get notification on next stream hihi
  15. hanvee

    What play style describes you best?

    lol this is funny huh, but this all style is you name it or what?
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