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  1. siopaw

    Fun with seeds and A video on it :) 😁

    Holy! Can you guys lend me your power as well? :ROFLMAO::LOL:
  2. siopaw

    Just Some Little Suggestions for Windice

    I like #5. I can only imagine someone hitting huge and it pops on the chat room with all those shiny effects. For sure that user will be bombarded with tags and pms. 😆 I hope the management will be able to read your post. Nice ideas! :)
  3. siopaw

    Windice 2023 summary: statistics and winners!

    Quality post you got here mate! Congrats to all our contest winners!
  4. siopaw

    Telegram hunt medal table 2023

    Wow! I like this post. Good job to our hunters!
  5. siopaw


    Kindly use the site instead.
  6. siopaw

    Wow! WINDICE Contests now more engaging

    It is all because of you guys, Windice team is doing the best they can to give you more fun. Glad that our efforts are being appreciated. Cheers to more events and challenges, and more wins! 🥂
  7. siopaw

    Surprisingly Surprised - Hattrick

    I always double-check every entry but I miss this one. Honestly, I didn't realize it was all the same result. Just wow!
  8. siopaw

    Most beautiful chatting..

    The most tiresome hunt. - siopaw Dice hunt 😆
  9. siopaw

    withdraw money

    Yes! There are times withdrawals are put on hold. If that happens, you should contact support for assistance.
  10. siopaw

    Windice Faucet

    Haven't utilized my faucet very well. But nice and neat explanation about the faucet!
  11. siopaw

    More fun in chat

    Thank you! Rest assured that we will always strive hard to keep our chatrooms lively. :)
  12. siopaw

    Windice Support, too much effective

    Wow! Good job support! :love:
  13. siopaw

    Bullish moves for the Meme coin Shiba Inu

    Higher, Shiba Inu! :love:
  14. siopaw

    Some Suggestive improvements

    Though we can see it on our VIP section, I love this suggestion of yours SirCopperfield. Hope the management will consider this. :)
  15. siopaw

    Tayo ay magbilang!

    sebenti six
  16. siopaw

    Windice's newest feature?

    It's a new feature here in Windice. Hope admin will add more languages in the near future. ;)
  17. siopaw

    Why "the house always wins"?

    Seems like a good movie. Mind sharing the title? :)
  18. siopaw

    Tayo ay magbilang!

    sibenty wan
  19. siopaw

    I Won a total of 0.00689261 BTC just playing the weekly hunt in Windice

    How I wish I know how to hunt rolls. Damn, I'm a lousy gambler I guess. 😅