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  1. azes34

    Closed [0.01 BTC] Weekly challenge: Binary hunt!

    whats the max chance for this?
  2. azes34

    Closed [0.02 BTC] Weekly challenge: Four horsemen!

    #exnvxwhjhmwm 11x 5150 #10vhj3crcwdn 22x 2568 #0myh8jau7d5o 33x 3395 #ckb1q21r3w3s 44x 4414
  3. azes34

    YELLOW TEAM [Week 1]

    whats in it for me ?
  4. azes34

    Closed Card Giveaway [Daily]

    queen of hearts
  5. azes34

    Closed [0.01 BTC] Weekly challenge: Bull's eye!

  6. azes34

    Closed [0.01 BTC] Weekly challenge: Marksmanship!

    #iy7o4qmdims8 25x #6s8rtn28abxc 50x #5aq6zdl5fpx6 100x
  7. azes34

    Ideas and Suggestions for Giveaways

    i strongly recommend rakeback for depositing players. in that way people will be encourage to deposit and play for some time. its a win win situation for both parties i think. there is no question about faucet WINDICE simply offers one of the biggest faucet there is. and maybe if possible daily...
  8. azes34

    Tell your best story

    sup xbitcoinx! glad to see you on here playing and taking head on against the big house yo!
  9. azes34


    thank you and looking forward to the next challenge! congratulations all!
  10. azes34

    When did you start in crypto and why

    started playing poker at swc back then the freeroll gives 0.5 btc and then poker died a player referred me to moneypot to play poker and then saw some dice games got hook and never looked back again
  11. azes34

    Experience nyo d2 s Windice kumpara s ibang site...

    experience na maganda? wala pa eh hahaha! soon i hope! sana dumami tayong mga pinoy dito at sana magtagal etong site na to!
  12. azes34

    First to post here in Forum - PH

    mahirap magtagalog? etong si lambert parang google translator ang ginagamit para makapagpost dito hahaha!
  13. azes34


    free money is always nice right?
  14. azes34

    Drop your opinions and suggestions here

    I know some of you is not comfortable in speaking in English most of the time. Well for me it would be much more appreciated IF we have our very own rooms for players to be able to talk much more freely without having to think about getting a mute due to language barriers most of us are having...
  15. azes34

    Coin suggestion

    well it would be nice if XRP will be added and BCH as well !
  16. azes34

    How did you discover WINDICE?

    we are all being seduced after all :P
  17. azes34


    Thanks another great bankroll boost! GL everyone and keep on winning and dicing!
  18. azes34

    How did you discover WINDICE?

    someone did that to me in a very same manner :D