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    Closed Love story weekly challenge

    PLINKO x4 medium risk zy0z8p91bbfk 30jx0k0qg35b 7lo1xc7iru46 g6d8umpuifhk jjwbizg9y8dj x4 Low risk 542h7pggfkj2 04jer8egubhj pb9lnl6gezf7 x 422 high risk l37p4kenxy4d
  3. Missme

    Why DOGE is down?

    hem thats more make sense
  4. Missme

    Why DOGE is down?

    i think doge coin is opposite of bit coin , so when bit coin up , doge coin going down and if btc going down , doge going up its just my opinion don't trust me 100%
  5. Missme

    For new mamber

    Hello im new here, thanks for your tips