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  1. Xalk666

    YELLOW TEAM [Week 1]

    ждём чуда )
  2. Xalk666

    RED TEAM [Week 1]

    Начали )))
  3. Xalk666

    BLUE TEAM [Week 1]

    Всем привет ну что ждём ))))
  4. Xalk666

    Closed Card Giveaway [Daily]

    8 spades (♠)
  5. Xalk666

    Closed [0.01 BTC Ranked] Weekly challenge: Masters of the three!

    #zwct9c08lh0p #xy8t3zpcrmvm #ho1blmqoxv1h #ih6weluvw58e #7megn32d1w6v #ew4gxj3cksge #qe8zhi43zu46
  6. Xalk666

    Стратегии игры

    Тыкайте с закрытыми глазами вот и вся стратегия )))
  7. Xalk666

    Closed [0.01 BTC] Weekly challenge: Marksmanship!

    #qos9sq9uby0n 25 X #8c6sune0i0w6 50 X #564yd5506gya 100 Х
  8. Xalk666

    New What exactly did you like on the site?

    I like a lot of competitions in your site and the most important is a variety. Responsive site administration, and fast and high-quality deposits and withdrawals)) Thank you for your site, I wish you success and keep up the good work)