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    ¡Concurso diario de WINCOIN un chance para todos!

    Es una buena idea esa.
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    ¡Concurso diario de WINCOIN un chance para todos!

    Gracias amiga, lo hice para ayudar a la comunidad como siempre! 😊
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    WINCOIN Daily Contest: A Chance for Everyone!

    The Wincoin Daily Contest is Windice's flagship contest, since the casino created its own token it has managed to keep more customers on the website, that is a very good thing for them as it makes it possible for users with fewer resources to get some crypto by simply competing with the house...
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    ¡Concurso diario de WINCOIN un chance para todos!

    El Concurso Diario de Wincoin es el concurso estrella de Windice, desde que el casino creo su propio token ha logrado mantener más clientes en el sitio web, eso es algo muy bueno para ellos ya que hace que los usuarios con menos recursos puedan conseguir algo de criptomonedas concursando...
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    WINDICE the casino with Radio!

    Me too, I practically like to do everything with music! 😊 🎧
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    WINDICE el casino con Radio!

    ¿A quién no le gusta apostar escuchando una buena música? Creo que a la mayoría de los que estamos aquí nos gusta y Windice lo sabe, es por eso que el evento de Windice Radio es único! el único casino que he visto que tiene radio en vivo. Desde el año 2021 tenemos radio aquí en Windice para la...
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    WINDICE the casino with Radio!

    Who doesn't like to gamble while listening to good music? I think most of us here like it and Windice knows it, that's why the Windice Radio event is unique! The only casino I've seen that has live radio. Since 2021 we have radio here in Windice for the English and Russian room and currently...
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    Indigenous Resistance Day!

    So it is, let's say no to racism!
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    Happy Indigenous Resistance Day! 🌎

    Happy Indigenous Resistance Day! 🌎
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    Día de la Resistencia Indígena!

    El día de la resistencia indígena, es conmemorado cada 12 de octubre en varios países de América, aquí en Venezuela se le denomina Día de la Resistencia Indígena, la cual se dio desde el año 1492, nuestros pueblos indígenas lucharon por la defensa de su cultura y en contra de la colonización...
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    Indigenous Resistance Day!

    The day of indigenous resistance, is commemorated every October 12 in several countries of America, here in Venezuela it is called Day of Indigenous Resistance, which was given since 1492, Our indigenous peoples fought for the defense of their culture and against Spanish colonization where the...
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    Windice's ANY room, an exclusive room!

    Thank you for valuing my effort, in fact I had to investigate several things to be able to rely on that and see if it was allowed. :)
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    Windice's ANY room, an exclusive room!

    I did not know that, I have gone to that room to do trivia and to share with friends, even in the casino rules it says that to settle personal matters you can go to the ANY room. Watch it here 👉
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    That's right, I wish society today were honest, that way we would have a better world. 🤗 🫶
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    Who is the best wincoin daily contest player in 2023 so far? Here you will find the answer!

    You did a good role of a wow data analyst, I congratulate you on your effort! 👏
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    This word is defined as the action of achieving an objective or goal immorally, It generally refers to non-compliance with the rules to gain some advantage in a competitive situation. Regarding the post of moderator Mowmow calling attention to all of us players of this casino, I want to give my...
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    Amor del Viento

    Excelente, amo las poesías y esta esta de maravilla!
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    Ideas, suggestions for

    Interesting the sport of the UFC, hopefully we will see it soon here in the casino so you can bet here too. 😊
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    Poema 4 La viuda

    Dios santo, esto que es? espero que sea algo bueno no quiero ser viuda ni mucho menos :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: