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    First Member to reach Platinum Vip

    Once one person reaches, it seems like they start printing that trophy. At another place I remember when first diamond user was awarded and now that have like 12 diamond players so enjoy it while you can!
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    Hot POLL:New game(s) on Windice? Voice your opinion.

    I'm biased against keno but any of the other games are good too. Can I maybe throw in that having a multiplier game? Like, for example, keno where there are multiple people playing and we get the same results? That would be fun! Stay green friends!
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    Basics :)

    Thanks for the post and the heads up....stay green friends!
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    Windice Usual Activity

    Hello guys, I am new to Windice and was wondering what is the usual activity? Like, on the other sore I used to play they have daily telegram challenges everyday around 9 a.m. They have a weekly race where you get a weekly bonus. They have all type of trivia and challenges in forum but you can...
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    Your real photo

    ok I'm a noob here so Uam somewhat hesitant in sharing with people I haven't met yet but here it goes!
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    How to win here? ( Here are some tips)

    So true. I remember I used to bet super small and then on accident one day I won 30 eth. I accidentally wagered .37 on a spin and hit 88x. I realized shortly afterwards that i will never hit again like that unless I bet big and lose big as well. I dont agree about the seed changing though. I...