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  1. Skemful

    $8,182.23 USD per BTC

    As of today, May 14, 2019 BTC is priced around $8,182.23.
  2. Skemful

    Closed Daily Giveaway ! Updated.

    Lol hi bmg! Good luck to you too
  3. Skemful

    Tell your best story

    I seen Badger furlicious veleten and 77kdub are all here, and so far the best thing to happen to me here was receive a nice gift from 77kdub out of the blue! :)
  4. Skemful

    How to put screenshot

    We can also use phone screen shots, right? I'm always mobile.
  5. Skemful

    How did you discover WINDICE?

    Lol azes The lovely Badger referred me here :) The faucets pretty neat, and I like the fast dice rolls.