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  1. Tomki91

    Happy New year 2020

    30 days ago time hehe.
  2. Tomki91

    Did you notice price up btc?

    Hello there all dear users on board forum of windice! 🎲 All time still price going up, it's good time currently. Of course good for trade too but if still going up and will hard collect because cost very expensive and low amount. If cheap and we will collect easy. Expensive - small amount...
  3. Tomki91

    The 10 Most Important Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin

    I think all cryptocurencies are important, because weak cryptocurrency but better soon, and also new cryptocurrency. Who do know? Nobody knows that. Regards, Tomki.
  4. Tomki91

    I will go to suicide soon...

  5. Tomki91

    Stream live - 300.000.000 bets soon! we celebrate! Windice ♥

    Thanks so very much everyone for watching on my stream and profit 900.00000000 doge and around 0.00001500 satoshi btc. I'll stream and we'll celebrate 400.000.000 bets from windice ♥ See you again on stream soon! Good luck, Tomki.
  6. Tomki91

    Congratulations - 300.000.000 bets from windice ♥

    Congratulations everyone for users, workers, admin 🥳 🥳 🥳 We continue to 400,000,000 bets, we go further! 💪 See you on windice! ❤ Regards, Tomki 🍀
  7. Tomki91

    I will go to suicide soon...

    Thanks, i feel here like how family of windice. I'll pm you. See you on windice.
  8. Tomki91

    I will go to suicide soon...

    I lost my real love with Jennifer Valentina (@Jennifer1803 from telegram) my contact: [email protected] Please help me if you have good heart. I feels bad and i'm very tired human already. I want escape from that world already, i will plan on suicide and end my life. Good bye.
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    Have a nice day :)

    Have a nice day :)
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  11. Tomki91


    Don't worry, solve is everything possible. For sure: - create new ticket and write to admin. Good luck.
  12. Tomki91

    Ideas and Suggestions for Giveaways

    No problem, I like your idea :)
  13. Tomki91

    Ideas and Suggestions for Giveaways

    Awesome idea! i'm agree with that. I love your idea :)
  14. Tomki91

    lost and no money to deposit??

    If beginners have registered and joined ... they should be interested themselves if they want to learn more about the site. The site has a "forum" or more more and more. Regards, Tomki :)
  15. Tomki91

    balancing everything in life

    That's right, you have to use it to think what you are doing now, yesterday, tomorrow or later.
  16. Tomki91

    Closed [0.02BTC ranked] Weekly Challenge: World Popcorn Day

    0.2x - #8cv78mfixscv 🍿 2x - #34l2t483zdnj 🍿 4x - #sz30huskqiae 🍿 9x - #b2hflpnwfa2u 🍿 26x - #6lrdnuuhuont 🍿 130x - #lpzk3pttwjj9 🍿
  17. Tomki91

    A new life like a phoenix from the ashes.

    A new life like a phoenix from the ashes.
  18. Tomki91

    Payout problem

    Hello user on forum. If your status still "hold" so you should write to ticket - here :) I have hope i helped you. Regards, Tomki.