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  1. Suhardiwilliam


    Is a new user like me allowed to join this contest?
  2. Suhardiwilliam

    How much you'll have till 2030?

    I bought it when it was priced at $ 30, which is roughly 20/25 BNB And I still leave some, just in case BNB has increased again
  3. Suhardiwilliam

    How much you'll have till 2030?

    And after they released the Smarth Chain network, we have to admit that it got BNB getting attention from all sides It succeeded in boosting market demand
  4. Suhardiwilliam

    5 types of Bitcoin explained

    Good information for those who don't know much about bitcoin history Greatly appreciated (y)
  5. Suhardiwilliam

    My Favorite strategy dice/crash

    I think this strategy will take quite a while to profit. I prefer challenges and risks, behind that risk there is a waiting profit. Maybe the rate can go up to 0.001 or even higher. That would be more satisfying, of course risky
  6. Suhardiwilliam

    How does Martingale Strategy Works at Windice

    I'm a newcomer here, some corrections would be better to improve strategy, yeah, but I have to try it first, good luck for me