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  1. JerryMouse

    Sports betting very unpredictable

    How many people here who bet on sports, share your idea and winning amount
  2. JerryMouse

    windice is different site

    Windice have unique dice, number sitting good and players choose what numbers they want to hit
  3. JerryMouse

    Hot Stream from WinDice Players

    hii everyone, anyone have any good video and strategy
  4. JerryMouse

    wanted new games in windice

    wanted new slot games
  5. JerryMouse

    Tutorial how to win 100% windice just one minuts

    dicing need good observation and focus on roll numbers
  6. JerryMouse

    Share strategies to win

    Nobody share own strategy but share only lose
  7. JerryMouse

    How do you first discovered Windice

    discovered in ad in Game site
  8. JerryMouse

    Did you notice price up btc?

    BTC Price will shoot up soon if corona affect control
  9. JerryMouse

    New Voting for crypto currencies

    I love BTC and BCH
  10. JerryMouse

    Closed [0.01 BTC Ranked] Weekly Challenge: Happy Dice! 🎲🎲

    BET#7obsus56zwp3 BET#yc53t4doimzr
  11. JerryMouse

    New How to Chat Constructively: STOP asking 'How Are You?'

    very good information, hope we learn and enjoy in future😂
  12. JerryMouse

    Bitcoin price prediction 2020

    Rise or Fall - share your views
  13. JerryMouse


    my wake up call when i feel dice not good for me and loosing fast I run away from dice and do chit chat only
  14. JerryMouse

    martingale always fails

    Martingale only for high balance player because martingale eating coins like a big hungry bull
  15. JerryMouse

    lost and no money to deposit??

    players facing same problem when they loosing coins, best of luck for future
  16. JerryMouse

    Best Things You Know in Windice?

    I enjoy is the frequency of activities from the weekly challenges to what seems like daily mod ran trivia, there's always something to participate in.
  17. JerryMouse

    Closed [0.02BTC]Weekly Challenge: Get Over It Day

    excellent exprience here hope site give good profit to players
  18. JerryMouse

    Closed [0.02BTC]Weekly Challenge: Get Over It Day

    finally i overcome my failure to compelete the challenge hunt
  19. JerryMouse

    Closed [0.02BTC]Weekly Challenge: Get Over It Day

    BET #nxsn396bxd4y Red BET #hogxcr20xb73 Green BET #dabi1p13ltez Green BET #dwfobboz2gtv Red BET #zjfipxk2rdok Green BET #tfr7pkip6rhj Green BET #5z4pm3zsk255 Green BET #no6f20n7dvf3 Green